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Name/Version: Streuner s Chorddevice 2.0
Author: Streuner  
Description: 13.10.2014:
So I did some more testing and found that some chord options are not saved correctly. The interface shows the correct selections, but the device doesn`t play them. I`ll try to fix this....
I did some quick tests with the device before releasing it, but didn`t really try all combinations, that`s maybe why I missed this major bug. Sorry!

I know, there are some chorddevices out there, but they didn`t work for me, so I made my own. This one is faster and has more functions, but is simple to use. I wanted this for jam sessions, where i use pad controllers to play keys.. so this was intended to be FAST.

You can save presets with common chord progression like Am F C G or Dm7 G7 Cmaj or things like that. (use the rest of the pads for all other chords that could fit, like Em, FMaj + F min7, Bb7, G7b9 and stuff like that.)
Then if you put a midi pitch after my device, you can play in any key you want. Learn some theory, and play whatever they throw at you. BUT LEARN THE THEORY STUFF. You can build chords like a F#sus2 maj7 #11 #9 b13, but this won`t help you if you don`t know how to use it right!

The interface changes, depending on which key/pad you hit. You can work without a keyboard/pad controller and just hit the keyboard/pads on the left side of the device. This way you can prepare a live set without your controller or just use it like abletons chord device.


- 16 pads/keys you can map chords to

-you can choose if you want to start at the c or any other note. For example: you are in the key of F and want to build chords on every note within this key, so you simply select F on the left side of the device. Now you have 16 "slots" beginning from your keyboard`s F.

-use any pad controller with the device. most of the controllers start at c (?) but if you have one that doesn`t, simply use the midi pitch effect. I used 2 Lpd8s and sometimes Maschine Mikro, but you can use multiple devices to fully map your Launchpad or whatever..

-EVERY Chord I could come up with! You can build Xmb5, X maj7 b9 #11 b13 or simply Triads.

-move the options (9,11,13) up 1 or 2 octaves

-make chords without 5 or 3 + sus2 and sus4

-add the root note as a sub note 1 or 2 octaves below (with this you can use instrument racks to layer sounds, the chords with a piano sound and the sub bass with a bass sound for example. or add another chorddevice that reacts to the subnotes or trigger drum sounds or video or..or...or..... or whatever)

-you can enable or dissable the chords, so you can use the buttons in their normal function, too. Maybe you split it up in 8 Bassnotes + 8 according chords... I used to play like that.

-you can use inversions

-maybe a simple function, but I think a quite powerfull one: You can change the root note easily by clicking on the small keyboard in the middle

- the output is displayed by the big keyboard (whoever is able to fix that orange mess on the right side will be my personal hero)

NOT WORKING YET:- I wanted a pop up window to show the actual notation of the chord.. didn`t get it to work, but most of the patching is done, just open the patch. If you can fix this you are hero #2.

This is a link where you can donate money to me if you like the device:

i`ve spent quite some time on this to make it as nice/simple but functional as possible, so maybe you want to buy me a cup of coffee or a beer with this link. :)

But in the end this thing is FREE. Spread it.
This is my artist page, where I will release a free EP soon. So make sure to like it, to stay updated with free devices and music.

Thanks to all, who helped me with this device. ♥

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Downloads: 1785
Tags effect, utility, other, dj, beta
Live Version Used: 9.1.5
Max Version Used: 6.1.8
Date Added: Oct 05 2014 17:17:10
Date Last Updated: Dec 26 2014 13:35:24
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercial

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Device File: Streuner s Chorddevice 2.0.amxd


>just open the patch. If you can fix this you are hero #2.



Looks fun, though.

changed it to "AttributionNonCommercial"

I`m not too much into this copyright stuff, but "NoDerivatives" would prevent other people (theoretically) from uploading a modified version, right without permission, right? But thanks for pointing this out to me.

chord list would be nice

This is awesome. Thank you so much!

My only suggestions would be to make new chords not default to playing such a low octave, and to implement a copy+paste functionality. But those are just santa claus requests, it's great as-is :)

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