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Name/Version: Loop Master 2.0
Author: zpectro4  
Description: *Loop Master 2.0 (Beta)*
This version of Loop Master is Beta version for preview and finding bugs.
May be there`re several bugs, please leave a reply for better version of Loop Master

*What`s New In Loop Master 2.0 (Beta)*
1. No need to Midi map; Now you can use loop master with mouse
2. Combine 'CDJ Style LoopIn-LoopOut 1.0' and Loop Master
3. More precise work

*Not Yet`s In Loop Master 2.0 (Beta)*
1. Exit Gate is not made so, it doesn`t works
2. Operate 2 clip is not made.

*How to Use*
1. Put LoopMaster to Master Track
2. input track and slot by using dial or numbox below to select clip you want to loop
3. 1st row toggles displays current step, you can shift to right by using dial at the left of 1st row toggles
4. although you click any of 2nd row toggles it doesn`t work anywhing before same culumn of 1st row toggles blink
5. if you doesn`t select looplength(3rd row toggles ) you can loopin-loopout by pushing 2nd row toggles twice.
6. if you select looplength you can loopin-loopout by pushing 2nd row toggles once.
7. if you want loop off push button at the right of the 1st row toggles

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Downloads: 3565
Tags sequencer, utility, glitch, hardware, dj
Live Version Used: 8.1
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Feb 24 2010 21:07:41
Date Last Updated: Apr 12 2010 17:52:56
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): AttributionShareAlike

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Device File: LoopMaster_2.0_beta.amxd


Hey! the new features are great. But i think i preferred the older loop start/loop end type function. It would be cool if you could do something similar then map the loop length to a slider instead of buttons. But tbh it is a nifty little device! cheers!

I uploded knob control version of LoopMater :)

Hello, i dont had a look at your device, but the problem with the difference between mouse and midi seems to be related to the different execution priorities:

"Event Priority in Max (Scheduler vs. Queue)
Events can be generated from different sources?for example, a MIDI keyboard, the metronome object, a mouse click, a computer keyboard, etc. The first two examples typically have timing information associated with the event?i.e. the events have a scheduled time when they are to be executed. The latter two do not?i.e. they are simply passed by the operating system to the application to be processed as fast as they can, but at no specifically scheduled time. These first two events (i.e. MIDI and metro) fall into the category of high priority or scheduler events, while the second two events (i.e. mouse click and key press) fall into the category of low priority or queue events.

...Changing Priority...

There may also be instances when you want to move a low priority event to a high priority event, or make use of the scheduler for setting a specific time at which an event should execute. This can be accomplished by using the delay or pipe objects. ...."

this is from:

best regards.

I was waiting a lot for something like that. But I wanna use for control two separate clips. How I can do that. also the looopi in/out. regards, Thanx !!!

Leckerfisch/Thank you very much.


Recently I have very unlucky days so I couldn`t come here; My phone destroyed, I have a car accident and so on.

I made next vesion of loopmaster and It may be whole new style.

The functions in next vesion will...

1. Playing Positoin will be displayed with 8 Toggle Buttons
2. You can loopin on 8 Toggle Buttons
3. You can loop off exact 1/4 bar based timming(1/4,1/2,1bar,2bar...)
4. You can choose loop mode or Lucifer mode(BeatRepeater on Ableton) effect
5. Support APC 40

I`m working on it.

see ya.

Hi zpectro4,

Really looking forward to the new version of this patch!! Any ETA??


Sorry guys, I`m still have a bad times; had a car accident AGAIN and broke up with my girlfriends and so on.

But. I re-do my works now.

I`ll try my best, Plz wait for my next patch

hey, first patch life, then max! hope for your best from john.

yeah man cant wait for your new patch too, excellent work so far, get well soon!!!
if you like, we could join forces and make the uber loop plugin :)

if you guys have a good idea then email me.

btw if you want to use more than 1 instance of loop master on different tracks, you can avoid triggering values in the other looper by applying this trick:

start each send & receive objectname with "---"
send ---start
receive ---start

I would also love a more-apc40-compatible version! I just tried it with mine and couldn't get anything to work... 8.1.3 :-/

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