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Name/Version: Easy Automation Loops 1.6
Author: ryan7585  
Description: The feature Live should have always had. A simple tool that works.

I will upload a more advanced version soon, but this simple little thing has been needed for far too long, and has no bells or whistles to distract you from its simple, useful function: record loops of automation data. Use it in your patches if you like.

-Map the plugin to the desired control
-Type in the number of bars for how long you want the loop to be
-Select "OVR" if you want to continuously overwrite your loop until you press stop, or unselect it to take a single pass at recording the loop
-Press play on the transport
-When you're ready to record, hit "ARM"... and turn the "Use This" knob (or your midi control knob assigned to that parameter) in order to do your thing.
-If OVR is selected, press ARM again to stop recording. If OVR is off, this happens automatically.

And thats it! Now that automation will play in a loop as the track plays, always syncing with the transport.

Thanks! If you find any glitches PLEASE mention them in the comments section. I DO NOT want this to cause problems for people.




1/2/2014 -- Improved save functionality. Thank you to user "DO...WHILE" on cycling74 forums for the tip!

4/17/2014 -- Problem with multiple instances, and CPU lag issues: both solved. Max, Min, Smooth and Jitter controls added.


Control knob seems to not want to be mapped to from another LFO device. Working to solve.

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Downloads: 2473
Tags lfo, sequencer, effect, utility, glitch, other, hardware, dj
Live Version Used: 8.3
Max Version Used: 5.1.9
Date Added: Dec 18 2013 19:09:10
Date Last Updated: Jul 02 2014 18:05:33
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Device File: Record Automation Loops.amxd


i search sth like this so much :) thanks !!!
is there a possibillity to reset delete loop data?

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