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Name/Version: AutoBeat by K-Devices 1.1
Author: kdevices  
Description: AutoBeat is a MIDI device for patterns generation based on probabilities.
With AutoBeat you create variable beats and fills with just a few clicks!

The device is based on eight 16 steps sequencers. For each step you can define the chance to trigger a MIDI note and its velocity. This creates patterns with continuous changes exactly where you want them! You can set, for example, a 4/4 kick, then add another kick hit on the third 8n at 50% chance. This triggers a new kick note just sometimes.

Each voice has exclusive tools for advanced editing: time resolution, three random functions, offset, loop length and more.

Beside the variations automatically generated on the main pattern, you can also create an alternative pattern via the fill area: then just click the fill button to launch another pattern on the fly.

Being a MIDI device, AutoBeat works with any instrument (not only drums). Furthermore, it has special features optimized for Ableton’s Drum Rack! If this device is used in the same track with a Drum Rack, AutoBeat starts communicating with it getting the drum pads name. Then, editing a drum pad in the Drum Rack, AutoBeat automatically selects that note pads displaying its settings: you will always see the pattern of the pad you are working on.

AutoBeat works great as continuous variations live instrument as well as a smart probabilities writing tool: the store feature allows you to instantly create MIDI clips based on the current pattern with just a click.

Last but not least: the AutoBeat pack contains also 3 Drum Racks!

Here's a quick demonstration -

And the Ableton Video -

AutoBeat is available at only -

Release Notes v1.1
- Improved GUI
- Improved behavior of scales: they now refer to the note 1, the one in the bottom left, as root note per each scale selected
- Added OSC support
- Added local step sequencer lock for global random and default functions
- Added minimum and maximum values for velocity randomization in the macro area
- Added more scales
- Added semitone transpose for note pads
- 6 new drum racks and 30 new Instrument Racks from Ableton Certified Trainers and producers-
Other minor improvements

Here's a video about the 1.1 update -

Device Details

Tags drum, sequencer, utility, push
Live Version Used: 9.0.5
Max Version Used: 6.1.3
Date Added: Oct 10 2013 11:36:51
Date Last Updated: Nov 21 2014 13:10:24
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): None


Amazing instrument/tool.

thanks estevancarlos! We're glad you like it!

Yesterday i bought in ableton Autobeat and it seems wonderful but i would like to know how can i create my own scales to add because there are only major & minor?

Thank you

For me in the field of maxforlive midi devices Autobeat is the most flexible and creative of all I know so far with its innovative system of random probabilities and its three amazing modes.
Highly recommended
I am very pleased to be able to enjoy ;)

I love it how can I get autobeat

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