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Name/Version: DX-7Love 1.0
Author: Jkamata  
Description: DX-7Love:

Sysex controller for the almighty DX-7

To be able to send sysex ive implemented Katsuhiro Chiba's Midi-Udp-Bridge

I tried to use the lh_midiout - but it gets greyed out - so I lost patience and just went with what worked for me.

So in order to make this work download the udp-midi-bridge open it and set it to the correct midiout port.

BEWARE: The DX-7 glitches when used together with ANY sysex controller. Therefore, it isnt possible to get any smooth parameter changes in use with this controller either.

For the same reason I havent put the controllers in order (yet) as in numbering and labeling them for automation use as it doesnt really make sense to do that when the sound glitches and drops out all the time.

HOWEVER it is good enough for tweakin presets or just plain old fikn around experimenting with that lovely FM sound ;)

I will update this thing a bit futher in the near future on the ui side of things.


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Downloads: 629
Tags hardware, beta
Live Version Used: 9.0.1
Max Version Used: 6.1
Date Added: Apr 03 2013 23:22:41
Date Last Updated: Apr 03 2013 23:47:26
Average Rating (1) 4
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: DX-7Love_v1.0.amxd


thanks so much! after days of searching i finally found something to edit my dx200 via live. i've wired the midiin to the udp send to be able to sequence it with live and it works also. nice!

Thanks for creating and sharing this! Ditto with the DX200 usage. May blow the dust off of some of my other old Yamaha FM stuff now :)

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