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Name/Version: mpEchoChord 1.1
Author: manuelpalma  
Description: v.1.1
Fixed display all notes on the polyphonic keyboard before passing through the pitch scaler.

mpEchoChord is a tool designed to facilitate the creation and interpretation of harmonies. It is a midi effect created in MaxforLive, which combines two of the devices included in the lessons of Ableton Live ( and with some parameters and elements added.

Allows you to generate up to 4-voice chords, you can enable or disable with the switches M (Mute) to the output of each voice.

This device has 2 modes:
- CHORD: assemble a chord from each incoming note.
- ECHOCHORD : assemble a chord from each incoming note but with some delay, by way of reply.

TRANSP 1,2,3,4: select each interval in semitones to generate the chord root. Save it in the Presets box (shift + click) where you can store up to 36 chords. At the top of Transp have a menu where you can select the chord inversion. Both the Presets box and the menu Inversion have switches R (random) generating random changes.

OCTAVE: shift all notes up or down in octaves.

SPREAD: spreads the notes over you keyboard in semitones (pitch 1&2 down, pitch 3&4 up).

DELAY: delay the output of the chord. In mode Sync is inactive.

DURATION: determine the duration of all notes.

VOLCHORD determine the chord volume.

ALL NOTES OFF: stop all held notes.

SYNC/TIME: adjust the delay time to the song tempo. Select Time for manual adjustment is more suitable for solo performances.

PITCH SCALE: select a tonic and a mode for a functional harmony.

?: help.

Let me know if something doesn't work. If you have some ideas for make EchoChord better and more fun, please send me an email:

Hope you like it. If you enjoy it, please comment, rate, share it.

Manuel Palma


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Downloads: 3065
Tags effect, utility, other
Live Version Used: 8.2.1
Max Version Used: 5.1.4
Date Added: Jan 21 2013 22:05:44
Date Last Updated: Feb 06 2013 11:26:25
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: mpEchoChord_1.1.amxd


This is really cool, thanks for making and sharing!

I noticed that the Random Inversions actions get captured by Undo, is there anyway to get it to bypass undo?

Thanks for your comment, really appreciated.

I don't know what is the problem right now, but look into it to fix it. If anyone knows the solution please share.

Thank you again.

Hi, shadx312
I hope I understood your question.

When you press R (Random Inversions or Random Presets) will produce a series of changes in the voices of the chord root. Ableton Live interprets all these changes and add to the history, so the undo is equivalent to each of them.

For Random Presets, when it jumps to another chord are four changes (one in each Transp). To undo R, you should quickly press Cmd + Z repeatedly.

Undo R by click ;)

really cool man, i have no musical training and am finding this easy for me to create some nice harmonies

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