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Name/Version: Freezer 0.9
Author: LSKA  
Description: A simple granulator effect that "freezes" sounds, creating a continuous drone.

v0.9 update: Bugfix and audio routing improvements.
Support for 'momentary' button mode

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Tags other
Live Version Used: 8.2.6
Max Version Used: 6.0.8
Date Added: Jan 12 2013 13:47:54
Date Last Updated: Jun 27 2013 10:19:03
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): AttributionShareAlike


Hello. Is there any way the Freeze button can be controlled via midi in Live? It seems to be the only function without midi control. Thanks.

Hello aviavi,
thanks for pointing that out.
I changed the button with a live.button. Now it should be controllable via MIDI. Enjoy!

Wow, thanks! By the way, do you have instructions anywhere for the various functions?

And one more thing: Do you know if it's possible to make the Red Freeze buton and start/stop freezer buttons respond to momentary midi command? These buttons behave like this with a mouse click, where if I mouse click the Freeze, it engages, and then rengages with the next click. However, when I assign a keystroke or MIDI command note to these buttons, I press once to turn on the Freeze, then again to turn it off, then again to turn freeze on. It would be cool if it were momentary, so while I'm holding down the midi note, the Freeze were on, and when I release the midi note, the freeze turns off.
Thanks for this awesome tool!

I added a bit of comments in the device, you should be able to see them in the info view area.

About the momentary midi command, it should be relatively easy to do what you're looking for, but as for now I'm looking for a way to get it more consistent. I'll post an update soon.


The last version (0.9) should now consistantly support 'momentary' MIDI controls. Any feedback would be very appreciated.

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