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Name | Version: WiiMap 0.1
Author: rickygraham
Device Type: Instrument
Description: WiiMap is a simple WiiRemote-based control device for Max for Live. The user may map any axis of a WiiRemote to any available parameters within Ableton Live with great ease. Smooth controller values using the "scale" device parameter (default is 50). Shorter interpolation times are recommended for tighter coupling (control intimacy).

This control device utilises [disis.aka.wiiremote] from, which can be added to your Max directory. (Linked device is frozen!)

WiiMap can be applied to any MIDI or Audio track within Live.

Initialization Guide:

1) Switch on Bluetooth
2) Hold buttons 1 + 2 together on WiiRemote
3) Click Connect
4) Switch on/Start Metro

Coming soon: PitchMap v0.1 - Map and morph between pitch contours as a method of performance control using pitch tracking methods in Max/MSP.


Live Version Used: 8.3
Max Version Used: 6.0.4
Date Added: Jun 26 2012 18:54:33
Date Last Updated: Jun 28 2012 07:33:23
Downloads: 6

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License: Attribution
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Why not "Freeze" your device so the external is included in the .amxd file?
Hi ricky
thanks for this great idea !

please can you explain me where to install the disis folder ?
all the folder have to be in Cycling '74/max external or Cycling '74/m4l external ? or just the .mxo file...

it doesn't work for me now...
thanks !
Good idea, Synnack. Done. The linked file is now frozen.

Hi Danglesmaxime - drag the disis.aka.wiiremote.mxo file to the max-externals folder in your Max5 or Max6 folder and you're good to go. Please try the frozen version of the device also. This should also resolve your issues but it is always good to know how to configure externals within Max.
Great ! work fine now ;)

I used wiimote with OSCULATOR. It's more easy like this.
do think you'll add the wii knobs to use them as trigers ?
If you request it, I can add it. Currently focusing on a pitch tracking device over the next few weeks. I will revisit WiiMap again for v0.2.
Ahhh yes !! it can be really, really usefull.
to activate a filter with a knob and change the freq with the "Y" for example.

In osculator you can change the knobs as a triger or a toggle. it can be great to have this fonction too ;)

many thanks !


does it work on win7_ for some reason it-s not working for me
I have only tested the device on a Macbook, I'm afraid. It should work on PC (in theory). Is your WiiRemote connecting to your PC?

Perhaps another PC user can contribute to the conversation?
external is mac?
The external is mac only but I was under the impression the frozen device would get around this, no? If I have some spare time soon, I will look into this some more.

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