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Name | Version: MultiPresetSendReceive 1.0
Author: Trypta
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Here are two devices to store and recall presets on multiple devices on multiple audio tracks (Based on the DevicePreseter patch).

The MultiPresetReceive device gets placed on an audio track and can store up to five devices parameter values. Just double click on the "p Devices" button to open a window to set the devices to control. You can then minimize this device, it will be controlled from the PresetSend device. Do the same for any number of audio tracks.

Now place the PresetSend device on a midi track. You can now store and recall your presets (in the PresetReceive devices) with this device using program changes from clips on the track.



Live Version Used: 8.2.2
Max Version Used: 5.1.8
Date Added: Feb 26 2012 20:20:38
Date Last Updated: Feb 26 2012 22:27:38
Downloads: 690
License: None
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Hiya Trypta. email me at

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Looks like you got the .zip uploaded ok. Thanks for understanding!
Hi trypta, can you please make a 25 device versión? i can pay for

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