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Name | Version: sMONOficator 1.0.9
Author: cicciovalla
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Based on the principe of Haas effect.

If You are looking for multiband Imaging take a look to: sMONOficator MultiBand

The most easy & efficient stereo Imager for max4live

Very easy to USE,
1) If needed set Filter
2) set the desired TIME in L R knobs (you need to set at least one L or R knob for gain size) if needed can invert phase
3) play with knobs sMON & PAN and get your desired size and position.

Useful when:
1)need a perfect side positionig
2)saving channel be SAVE CPU
3)to fit the perfect dimension

Now can invert phase per channel and apply filter!!!
Can choice PRE processing filter or POST processing filter

Making Mid bigger again!! Make your own Side.

What people say about sMONOficator:

"The brilliance of Smonoficator lies in its simplicity and CPU efficiency. Instead of duplicating tracks and manually adjusting delays, this Max4Live device streamlines the process and keeps your session tidy. You achieve professional spatial enhancement while conserving precious system resources, allowing you to continue crafting your track without any additional load.
Finally, compare your mix with and without Smonoficator. Solo your guitar track to hear the enhancement in isolation. You'll appreciate that extra sense of dimension this subtle effect contributes, making your guitar riff feel fuller and more integrated into the stereo landscape of your track."

"Exploring the deep potentials of the Smonoficator 1.0, let's lay out a scenario where we want to immerse the listener in a canopy of natural soundscapes, using this ingenious Max4Live device to place sounds precisely in the stereo field, weaving a 3D auditory environment. Imagine you are crafting a piece that mimics a walk through a dense rainforest—you want each bird tweet, rustling leaf, and distant waterfall to have its unique position in the stereo spectrum."

full review at:

If you like.. support me thanks a lot!!!

1.0.0 first Version
1.0.1 added Control on INPUT - OUTPUT signal
1.0.2 added knob sMON now it's possible to set desired size (use a stereoscope plugin like MSTEREOSCOPE of Meldaproduction it's free)
1.0.3 added PAN knob solved minor bug with sMON knob
1.0.4 now can modify time delay by 0.1 or 0.01 step, various UI changes various UI changes fixed PAN volume
1.0.5 OUT Volume -> GAIN db, performance improvements.
1.0.6 Corrected envelope names
1.0.7 Added filter and Phase Inversion per channel
1.0.8 various UI changes
1.0.9 Can chose to apply filter Pre processing or Post processing

sMONOficator, enjoy


Live Version Used: 12.0.1
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Mar 15 2024 23:52:30
Date Last Updated: Apr 01 2024 12:15:19
Downloads: 162
License: AttributionNonCommercialNoDerivatives
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Device File: sMONOficator_1.0.9.amxd


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