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Name | Version: Widen 1.1.0
Author: effree
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: WIDEN will allow you to add width to your sounds/track without losing Mono compatibility.

This is just another device that I've created to teach myself M4L. I used this to help with my UX/GUI and all graphical design as well as learn about some of the M4L objects I have not yet explored.

It is based on the free Wider Plugin from Polyverse. They offer their plugin for free and I recommend getting it.

1.1.0: (note: please update as I've made massive improvements)
- Updated the algorithm to go to 200% like Wider.
- Small coding improvements
- Bug fixes

- Removed smoothing on width, causing Widen to only phase instead of emulating a wider sound.
- Removed ability to reach 200% because it didn't emulate properly. Should have always displayed 100%

- Renamed mapping for automation
- Removed unwanted automation lanes
- Fixed glitching noise when moving width while audio plays (especially noticeable if automating width)
- Added additional graphical audio wave and relocated

- Added graphical audio wave


Live Version Used: 12.0
Max Version Used: 8.6.0
Date Added: Mar 14 2024 18:48:23
Date Last Updated: Mar 16 2024 04:43:46
Downloads: 309
License: None
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Device File: Widen 1.1.amxd


Hey, I just downloaded your device. I think there is a little bug because the Left and Right Channel are not flipped in Phase so there is actually no Stereo Widening going on, just changing the Amplitude in Mono.
Hey @Stevon,
Thanks for the feedback, this should be fixed now.

I had added some smoothing to fix a glitchy sound during automation which broke the widening emulation. This is removed now

Also, yes it is mostly just a phase inverted delay, but this is the trick of the application.

To make sure it is working try adding a sound and using it again, and it should appear to sound wider. You can also verify by putting a noise osc on a channel and then place wider and a spectrum. If you show the mono signal and move the width it will look like nothing happens but begin to sound wider, making it mono compatible. If you look at the left and right signals you will see they are phase inverted, but not exactly the same. This causes the widening effect but keeping it the same in mono.

It is basically using comb filters to achieve exactly what Polyverse Wider does.

Thanks for the comment, which allowed me to quickly figure out what broke the device.

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