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Name/Version: MaxTilt Accelerometer and Light Sensor 1.2
Author: plusbuttons  
Description: MaxTilt accesses the built-in accelerometer featured in all Macbooks made after 2005 and outputs MIDI messages based on X & Y orientation.
It also accesses the light sensor beside the webcam and outputs MIDI messages.

Video Demo:


1. Download the aka.booklight & aka.bookmotion max externals from here:

2. Unzip and copy the .mxo and .help files to the 'externals' folder within MaxMsp (for me this was applications>Max5>Externals. You may have to create this folder if it doesn't exist already. Ensure this directory is within the searchable MaxMsp filepath by opening Max, and clicking options>file preferences, pressing the + button to create a new path called 'Externals' and selecting the folder path you had just created).

---------------------MIDI SETUP-----------------
1. Open 'Audio MIDI Setup'

2. In the toolbar select 'Window' -> 'Show MIDI Window'

3. Double Click on IAC Driver

4. Make sure 'Device is online' is checked

5. Click on + to add a port.

6. Rename this port something like 'MaxTilt'


1. In preferences go to the MIDI Sync tab.

2. Ensure that Track & Remote for the Input of your new virtual MaxTilt port are active

3. For the virtual MaxTilt output port make sure only the Track is activated.

4. Drag the MaxTilt device to a new MIDI track

5. With the I/O settings for the new MIDI track, set its MIDI output to the new virtual MaxTilt port you created, and any MIDI channel you prefer.


1. Position your laptop in the orientations shown in the three pictures and press the corresponding buttons when in each position.

-----------------MIDI MAPPING------------

1. Hit the MIDI map button in ableton.

2. Select the parameter you wish to control.

3. Move your laptop in the direction you want to control the parameter (or shine a light/cover the light sensor.)
*note; you must move the laptop in one pure direction, i.e. hard left/hard right, straight up/straight down. If you lift the back right of your laptop in the air for example you will be outputting two midi messages simultaneously and ableton will not know which to midi map.


The MaxTilt device should then be fully calibrated and midi-mapped and you should be able to control any filters or reverb sends like a wizard.

This Max4Live device uses two externals made by Masayuki Akamatsu.
Inspired by the awesome Altitude Sickness' SmackTop.


***version 1.1
Embedded pictures into patch

***version 1.2 changed instructions, changed midi mapping mode

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Downloads: 628
Tags effect, other, hardware
Live Version Used: 8.2.2
Max Version Used: 5.1.8
Date Added: Jan 19 2012 08:19:50
Date Last Updated: Jan 27 2012 07:03:10
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: MaxTiltv1.2.amxd


Video Tutorial on its way

Not sure, what i'm doing wrong here, but I've followed the M4L instructions to a T, and it's not working. It shows the accelerometer controlling the knobs just fine, but it's not passing MIDI to anything.

Replied to problem on the monome forum!

Version 1.2 uploaded.
Now it actually works!

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