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Name | Version: Live 12 Shaper MIDI Plus 1.1
Author: MaxForLove
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: This is Live 12's Shaper MIDI device, but with the following changes:
- All Modulation parameters (mod amt, control min and max) are mappable/automatable
- X and Y both have grid line control
- X and Y have independent snap control
- Grid line maximum is pretty high, combined with the snapping allows for precision

- Added a toggleable 'Legato' Mode. The envelope will not be retriggered unless there were no other notes pressed. Envelope will not release from sustain point until the final held note is released.


Live Version Used: 12.0.1
Max Version Used: 8.6.1
Date Added: Mar 05 2024 21:26:51
Date Last Updated: Mar 18 2024 22:16:37
Downloads: 485
License: None
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Device File: Shaper MIDI+.amxd


Looks like the clear section at the bottom is broken? Otherwise is awesome
Actually seems to work, have you posted this m4l twice?
@nahmama - So for live 12 stock theres 3 'Shaper' devices I uploaded. This is Shaper MIDI, the MIDI-triggerable Shaper. The other 2 are versions of the regular Shaper, its just that one of them happens to be in MIDI device form, so it is called "Shaper Plus (MIDI)".

But I do appreciate the feedback. Do any of the issues you encountered persist?
Thanks so much for this device!
It's exactly what I needed.

I came across one issue:
When deactivating the y snapping for the first time, it does not work: the snapping stays activated.
Changing the grid size or toggling the snapping fixes this for me.
@fromherebeyond - can you confirm if you experience this with the most up-to-date version? This was an issue with my grid changes at one point but I thought I added all the necessary bangs to set grid snap on load, I may have done a sneak hotfix right after publishing this.
Love the shaper device and all the work you've done in max! Really great stuff, and much appreciated. I've been running into a glitch with this device however, and was wondering if you had any insight into this issue. What is occuring is that I'll map a parameter to the shaper, and it will work normally, as it should, for anywhere from a minute to several hours, but eventually, it will stop modulating the parameter that it is mapped to. I've done a lot of troubleshooting, trying to isolate the problem, and i think i've mostly narrowed it down, but i have no solution. first off, this is occuring on my M2 macbook pro, I couldn't get it to happen on my PC. It is more likely to occur with smaller buffer sizes (128 and under). I am using ableton as a live, low latency setup, so higher buffer sizes are not an option. it seems to occur with any MIDI triggered modulation device (happens with the copy of shaper included in 12, happens with the envelope MIDI device as well, but doesn't occur on modulation devices that are triggered by audio such as envelope follower or LFO). and it only seems to effect tracks that contain a MIDI instrument (doesn't happen with pure audio tracks). The issue occurs with any audio interface, as well as with no audio interface. Happens with just the laptop by itself with nothing else plugged into it, i can open a brand new blank set, drop a stock instrument into a midi track, then modulate it, with nothing else on the track, the problem will still occur. Never had this issue with ableton 11, and I am stumped. Other strange glitches will occur with this problem occasionally as well, but not every time. Sometimes, the parameter will stop being modulated, and then I will go to the shaper and delete the mapping, then after deleting the mapping, the parameter will start to be modulated again. It seems to me like a glitch caused by how ableton 12 handles modulation mapping differently than in older versions. Thank you for listening, any insight is much appreciated.

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