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AuDi -audio to midi synth- Version 1.1
Rec Midi CC Version 1.0
ClipAutomation Version 1.0
ClipAutomation with encoders LED feedback Version 1.0
ClipAutomation with LED feedback update Version 1.0.1
ClipAutomation update Version 1.0.1
Futility II Version 2.0
SessionLooper Version 1.0
SL4P - Session Looper For Push Version 1.1
Push-Global Quant Version 1.2
Push-Master Volume Version 1.0
Push-ArrangeMode Version 2.0
LF8 Version 1.0
BlastHard - transparent mixing Hard-Clipper Version 1.0
Push Snap n Scale Version 1.0
Panarchy lite - Define your own pan laws Version 1.2
eCo Version 1.4
Panarchy - Define your own pan laws Version 1.4.1
articulaCtion Version 1.3
outist - insist Version 1.5
Push-Scaleton Version 1.2
BiP - bounce in place Version 1.7
BiP free - bounce in place Version 1.0
NeutronPreset Version 1.1
BadHaas Version 1.0
Futility Version 4.0.1
SAVE Version 1.0
ElectRhythm Version 1.0
Scop Version 1.0
SnapShooter for Live 11 Version 1.0
ClipGain - under your mouse Version 1.4
DocPhase - 3D Stereo Version 1.1
LoadeR - load devices with shortcuts Version 1.0
OctaFizz Version 1.0
Tab4Live Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 12,546

Comments by Crampe


hey markusschloesser,
Do you see my contact email in Gumroad?

that's probably because you're using VST3 I suppose. VST3 have a "soft bypass" (or whatever it is called) and L11 can benefit from this.

Haha, nice move ;-)

@Yentz: nope

Glad you enjoy it!
This could go deeper but I wanted the rack to use the least amount of devices.

Hey Danielgrieff,

Yeah, I'm aware of this behaviour. As mentioned on the device's page this is more of an "proof of concept"/prototype device. Good news is that I'm currently working on it, fixing the issues, making it more convenient to use, and Push compatible.

Hey Zenodub.
No problem here with L11.1, but I'm still on an Intel mac. Are you using a silicon mac?

You can email me by answering the gumroad receipt you got from purchasing the device;-)

Hey Prizzle9
That's surprising. Which Live (and Max) version are you using?
Win or Mac?
I can't reproduce in L11/10.

Hey Paysonc,

How often is this happening?

Are you sure you didn't press one of the resample buttons while the global record (+automation record) was on? This would create an automation on the resample button and then look like BiP is being triggered "randomly".

If it's midi mapped, can you make sure that your midi controller isn't sending messages when it shouldn't.

Hey Nickygdj

1) it's a clipper, so it simply cuts ("point by points") what exceeds the threshold.

2) You shouldn't use mp3 since you're warping the files. It's fine for playing stuff, but not for tweaking the files...

It's a free device so try it and compare it with your limiter and see what sounds best to you, but you shouldn't necessarily think of a clipper as a limiter alternative, they actually work "best" together. There's a link to some awesome in depth videos about the topic on BlastHards's page, check it out!

I love this device!
I hope you'll implement those ideas you mentioned!
There's a few tweaks that the current version need imo, but let's talk about it later when my hangover will be... over.

The issues you mentioned regarding the routing being lost when moving the device and so on, are definitely M4L bugs. Don't forget to report them to, the more reports the more chance we have to get this fixed asap!

Great take on the already awesome Duck Buddy ;-)

Hey Audiojet,

No problem with L11 here, I never experienced crash due to BlastHard.
You can contact me via email by answering to the gumroad email so we can have a look at what's happening.

@ Teeha

- not transparent enough? I don't agree but that's totally subjective and depends on soo much user settings/preferences (your screen, the Live theme you're using, your sight [e.g I'm colourblind] etc...) , and I think you're the 1st one mentioning it but I could look at adding a user setting for this. Thanks for the idea!

- I can't do anything regarding the focus thing, sorry neither do I regarding how M4L deals with key mapping (which is already quite a nightmare when you're using it to add shortcuts to Live), sorry.

- using Shift is the only way to go...

- same here, that's how the GUI objects work, I can't do anything.


@ Sunbloom, can you send me a screenshot by email (simply answer to the gumroad receipt)
I don't have Big Sur so I'm not sure about what you're describing.

Sure it works on Live 11.

Hey great device!!

Just to let you know that the device crashes Live if you try to select a very large Drum Rack (probably too if it's a huge instrument rack) with lot of chains...
This isn't due to SonicScoop but it's a Live/Max bug, i.e I can reproduce with any other devices that use the BrowseRouting abstraction.
I suspect this is because, or at least related to, large racks mean a lot of chains to populate in the
I've just sent a report to Ableton.

So, don't blame Redmattre!

hey offthesky

Sure, hack it, it's M4L!
LoadeR definitely works on L9 (64bit)/Max8, but no idea about Live 32bit, did you try already?

For other similar devices, you can check Flowstate's Browser Mapper or Shortcut Buddy (from Noir Labs I think) but no idea if those can run on Live 32bit either.

Hey AOpsyche
Please contact me by answering to the Gumroad receipt email. It'll be easier to communicate ;-)

@Atari, indeed!
You gave me the idea of making a floating window version, that you could keep around all the time and use with the mouse.
But, hey shortcuts are queens!

Hey Atari,

That's either because you've tried using multiple instances of the free Lite version,
because you're clicking the slots with the mouse which is not what the device is intent for!
It's specifically designed to work with shortcuts, and since buttons in M4L have never been made to be used as shortcuts it needs workarounds... which interfere with mouse clicking.

Audiojet, I wasn't precise enough:
ONLY vst2 need to be grouped/racked.
Live can save Au and VST3 plugins as .aupreset/.vstpreset, which are files recognized by LoadeR.

Hey AOpsyche,
That's weird, I never experienced this nor get any report like this.
The device is officially L11 compatible.
What's your OS, Live and Max versions?
Does clicking the "init. patch" button on the bottom right-hand side does solve the problem for you?

Hey Audiojet,
It's mentionned in the video demo and in the manual, but it was missing from the device's page, and it's now fixed, thanks!

Hey Osantacruz, thanks for the heads up!
The device is mainly a proof of concept and a basis that's meant to evolve to something way more powerful.
When I published it I thought I'd keep on working on it soon after but it's not the case, so things are still on hold regarding SnapShooter, sorry.

Hey Teehaa,
I'll check this, thanks!

You're an awesome dude Maxime ;-)

Hey Jarlen,

Unfortunately the (weird) way M4L interacts with keys and keymapping makes this impossible. Sorry.

Also, it'dbe nice to disable the "is_mpe enabled" attribute as it's an audio device and could confuse people to see "MPE" in the device title bar. ;-)

Awesome! It was on my to-do list; it's not anymore :-)

One issue: the Depth knob on Push isn't bound to the actual knob on the device. I haven't open up the device yet, though, but that'll be a quick fix.

Hey EyaaaiT
the Crop feature only works with MIDI clip.
Key/midi map the CROP button.
Now, if you modify the clip start/end and/or loop start/end points of a clip, press your new shortcut and it will crop the clip.
It works both in Arrangement and in the piano roll; in Arrangement you can also use the native cmd/ctrl+j to consolidate, that will give you the same result (but consolidate doesn't work in the piano roll, hence this CROP feature).

Same here, the mapping aren't saved on preset/set reload.

Wouldn't it be more handy if it had a floating window?

Btw, write me an email by answering the gumroad receipt so it'll be easier to communicate as doesn't send my notification when you comment here.

Are you on Windows or OSX?
Which Live/Max version?
I have an idea where it's coming from, but I can't repro here on osx.

Hey Aeko,

Not yet, but you can check the DrMs video demo linked above. It's simply a reproduction of this plugin, with a (imo) simpler interface.
It's sonically the same (minus the rarely used "feedback" parameter).

This bug appeared years ago with M4L floating windows on mac when using Live fullscreen.
But, it's quickly fixed by a window flag in Max and Snapshooter shouldn't exhibit this bug!
Might be due to something with Apple Silicon.
I don't have access to this type of machine to test atm... I have an update in the work anyway to make the device more straightforward and to recall Variations from Push, so I'll try to check on M1 before pushing the update.
Sorry for the hassle!
Try this workaround that used to work with devices that usually have this issue since L10: go out of fullscreen, open the device's floating window, go back to fullscreen.

Hey norberto,

Sorry I don't have the VSL player to check.
What midi messages those 2nd and 3rd columns (this is what you're talking about, right?) are expecting?

Hey dudes,
thanks for poiting this issue out. I never noticed this myself before, I'm wondering at which point it started happening? I have to look at it, but due to the nature of the device I feel like it's something in M4L that's causing this, maybe a a bug that appeared at some point during a Max update.
Sorry for the hassle, I'm on it asap!

Hey dubengine,
no it's not expected. Is it also happening when re-opening a set?
Do you have Futlity saved in your template set so you don't need to drop it into every time you create a new set?

Hey Pviz,

Yeah, I think I'll add more routing options in a future version as you're not the first one asking for this.
I just want to make sure to implement this without complexifiying the device.

Hey KillowGee,
unfortunately this is not doable, sorry :-(

It's not possible 8E, sorry.

Hey buddies!

So cool and fun to read your nice comments!

This is the most simple piece of DSP ever, there's no secret sauce in this one actually, so it's quite cool that you're prefering it over expensive plugins... and quite alamring too about what's really inside these expensive plugins!
A clipper shouldn't be expensive, the hardest part is the GUI design :-)

If you have a minute, it'd be great if you could rate the device at its Gumroad product page, that'll be much appreciated!

There's zero chance I'll do a "clean limiter", sorry. Live's one is good enough for me, and I even have a couple 3rd party ones if I want to go fancy on a cloudy day, so I really don't need one more... and I only patch M4L devices that I need in the first place. Sorry.

take care

Hey jezekjan,

Sorry I'm only noticing your message now (that f*ucking old isn't sending me any notifications).

Please email me by answering to the gumroad email you got when you purchased the device, if you haven't already.

@emmanuel666 thank you!

To add on Mary888 comment, it seems that the device stops ouputting after saving the set.

New v1.2.2 update sent via Gumraod, check your spams !
No more extra undo steps!

Hey k4r33m
ClipGain does add a few extra undo steps when you tweak a clip's parameter from it, but then you just need to hit cmd+z once or twice more.
That's the kind of little annoyances that such M4L "workflow hacks" device can produce, but that's the price to pay I guess.

TL;DR hit cmd+(shift)z again if your last step isn't undone yet ;-)

Hey Barmutlu,
This was fixed in v3.4 that you should have recevied a couple weeks (or so) ago I think. Check your spams if you don't find the Gumraod email with the updated device (or drop me an email if needed).
I reckon I completely forgot to check it with L9, but it should be ok.


Hey directmusic,
Sure, I'll look at what I can do about this.

Hey chrisfreeq:

- regarding the error dialog.
I guess you're having a Max windows poping-up by its own; this isn't coming from ClipGain but from another M4L device. I mean the message itself is coming from ClipGain (but it's really not a problem) but the unwanted Max log isn't.
It's often used to debug when patching and sometimes devs forget to deactivate it when publishing their device. I know it's the case with an older Granulator II version, but it could be coming from another one. Please let me know which over devices you're having in your default set so we can find which one it is and deactivate the Max log window.

Regarding resizing, it's a M4L bug and I've workaround it in ClipGain v1.2.1 so make sure you're using this one (you should have receive a Gumraod email with the device).

You can also write me directly by answering to the receipt email you got when you purchased the device. (I'm not getting notifications from, I need to come and check so I somtimes miss comments)

I did add a clear button, but strangely the mc.function init. state comes with graphs and many dots and I coudln't find where this is coming from...

Thanks, awesome!
You forgot a "clear all" button, though, especially since the device opens up with 8 very complex graphs by default.
Smart never worked correctly for me, Mapul8tor feels really smooth and the UI is ver well thought out ;-)

Hey Hipox!
undo...grrrhh how did I miss this one! Thanks for letting me now, I'm fixing this asap, and sorry for the hassle.
Adding the Warp button to the pop-up window is already planned ;-)
stay tune!

Hey all,

I just sent everyone the v3.4 update,
make sure to check your spams!


Hey Ancestralvision,
The fader appears at your current mouse position.

The idea is that: to change a clip's gain, no matter what, you always have to select if first in Arrangement/Session... So, the device looks at your mouse position, i.e over a clip, and opens up here so you don't have to go anywhere else to adjust your clip's gain/transpose.

The device works on the selected clip only, so it doesn't belong to any track. You can keep the device opened and select other clips to change their gain/transpose but the point of the device is to have a momentary quick access to what you need, not to have a global floating window open up at any time (it works, but it's not how I designed it, hence the non-ability to move it); select a clip > press you mapped key to open ClipGain > set your clip gain/transpose > press again your mapped key to close ClipGain's window.

Think of it like some kind of equivalent to Live's automation transform tool where you select an automation zone, right-click and then access to a list of pre-defined automation shapes. It works as contextual; ClipGain works this way.

hey 16x16,
I'll make it optional to have a single window for everything soon.

Transpose is now available in v1.1

Hey Aussir,
that's an interesting point! I'll look into this ;-)

Hey there!
I'm gonna add a transpose knob/fader in the next update.
I'd prefer having it on a second shortcut rather than in the same floating window as the current volume fader... but what's your opinion?

Hey Audiojet,
Yep this bug sometimes happen and Ableton is aware of this.

Hey GWT,
Sorry for the delayed reply (I really hope gets the notifcations sorted out one day!)

"- top left hand side corner greenish pad = ??pseudo?? shift >
Comment; this is only lit when active (no ?standard? colour)"

Yeah it's just a momentary equivalent of Shift, its only purpose is to get better access to Shift+Solo/Mute/Stop Push buttons to unsolo/mute/arm everything with only one hand.

"- bottom middle yellow pads =
X and Z on the last row, W and H on top.
Comment; what are these shortcuts for?"

These are zooming shortcuts that appeared with L10 (I suggest you to check the Live's manual/tutorials as they're one of the most handy shortuts)

"- ??fixed Length?? button = un/fold selected track(s)
Comment; not working on selected track (tho Shift+ option works for all tracks)"

Mmh... strange! Is it always the case, or was it within a specific set?

Hey Moserobert,

Yeah I understand this concern, and that's why eCo is mainly for production rather than playing Live.
Maybe I could get around this by forcing the device to add latency, but I have to study the topic first.

I sent you an email Dillon.

Hey Dillon,

Awesome work, once again.
The device is flooding Live's undo history though.

hey illimay, sorry for the late reply
you need to use v3.2 to avoid the mutes killing when opening a saved set.

@illimay, argghhh, shit!!
This mute issue is driving me crazy. Thanks for the quick alert.

Hey Synnack ;-)
The notification system from has never worked for me, and it's still isn't.
I talked about this to someone (can't remember her name) from Cycling a year or so ago when they took over the site, and it was apparently a known issue.

illimay, can you reach me out by email by answering from the device's Gumroad receipt please? It's easier that communicationg here.

Sorry illimay, this website unfortunately doesn't send notifications so it's not easy to track messages.
What are you mapping the kill buttons to? computer keyboard? Midi controller?
Does it work if you click one of the kill button with the mouse?

Hey Oddeo,
The scrub just scrubs the whole arrangement, like a fast backward/feedforward.

did it worked in the end?

hey Illimay,
sorry I'm only noticing your message now. Are you still having this issue?

Masterpiece! It's a brilliant device.
A very smart design that simply makes the device's concept work, period. No fuzz, from an idea to its natural design.
This is terrific, thanks a lot for this one. One of the best M4L device around.

I hope it didn't took you too long to patch (it did for me!) because I've made one a while ago:

I was too lazy to do it in M4L so I did it as an Instrument Rack using Operator:

You're version looks more true to the original and I'm going to try this it out right now!

Hey Maxisans,
Any reason why you're still using an old Live version? Are you using the bundled Max or an external one?
Eco(-M) always stays on, that's the device placed after it that gets turned on/off.

Hey LudicrouSpeed,
Thanks for the report. Did you notice any pattern that would trigger this bug?

Thanks for the kind words Colourman!

Thanks for telling us how smart you are Blassthole.

Same issue here. Loading the device crashes Live. I'm on OSX, L10.1b13

Wow, just watching a the Loopop Subharmonicon video.
Can't wait to get to the end and load Subharmonicione !

That's actually weird because I just tested and I don't get any undo from the auto-arm feature...
There's probably a trick that I forgot :-)
Anyway, there's surely something else involved in your case.

Hey JordProd,
Yeah something's happening so it creates an undo step. I can't really do anything about this, it's on the M4L side unfortunately.

The bugs have noticed are the ones mentionned by Wetterberg.
About undo: what about modulating not the dials themselves (I imagine you're talking about the LPG one?), a solution is to modulate the value rather than the dial itself.
It's missing a nice live.banks for Push mapping, I might take a moment and do it if you don't have Push.

Mira support would be awesome.

That's a fun one! Thanks

Ok, I'll send you an email so you can send me a fixed version for which I'll manage the banks mapping.

I love phase distortion synths and this one is an awesome "simple" one.

Built-in modulations (i.e LFO) to any destination would be nice, but dragging LFO around is easy anyway.
It seems like this device doesn't like changing the number of voices: it's better to type in the number rather than using the knob; and it can Some parameters ranges could benefit a bit of exponential value scaling, to have better control ranges.
The parameters aren't Push ready but it just needs a quick edit. I could do it if you don't have Push Miunau.

Anyway, a nice one ;-)

Here's a nice trick that'd make a future version way more handy:

It's an midi in/out external (cross-platform) that bypasses the M4L midi limitations... Use it into your audio device to get midi input straight into it, this way you don't need the midi sender device anymore.

Hey Soundprayer, it works with L10.

Hey Orpheus,

Sorry to hear that. The poping Max console isn't due to Futility (the error message is, but it's not an issue in itself).
It pops-up because of another Max device in your set. Granulator use to do it. If you're using it please update to the latest version which fixes this.
If it's not Granuator then you need to find which device is involved.
Let me know...

Dynamic EQing is one of the very few things that Live doesn't do natively and for which I need to use a 3rd party device (from ToneBooster).
It appears that your device (from the screenshot, so I might be mistaking) is 1 band but kudos anyway and I'll give it a try with a generous amount of pleasure :-)
Dynamic EQ are just THE shit.

I'm not getting any panning applied to my signal, only the Doppler shift.
Am I missing something?

Yeah Brodiem, I could add a solo. That's not really how I envision the device or what I'd use, but I admit this is something that would probably be handy for many people.

Hey fellas,

Well, nice to hear about your simple tweak. I'm now wondering why did I really need to put this "0" message here. I have ideas about why, but it doesn't seem necessary at all except for visual reasons (which don't really matter)... So what REALLY was in my mind??
Anyway, thanks for you help, I'm going to push an update of the device.

Hey Solomonki, thanks for your feedback.
It seems like a very few people (not even 1%!) are experiencing this problem. That's really bugging me out.
I have to think of an other way of using buttons for key mapping.
Stay tuned, and sorry for the hassle.

Hey Mike,
sorry to hear that.
You should try using Futility within an empty set containing just one track, no other plugins, remote script etc... And see how it works. There's probably something conflicting with Futility in your setup.

Hi Mike,

there was an issue with the Mute feature that used to block the undo history.
Honestly, I never understood what's the reason for this bug, and why it only affects muting and not soloing/arming... the patching is similar for all of them.
So I came up with a workaround fix... apparently this created a new bug, at least for you.
I'll have a look asap.
sorry for the inconvenience.