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Name/Version: Futility 3.1
Author: Crampe  
Description: Futility v3 is a MaxForLive device that gives you very handy shortcuts that aren't natively implemented into Live.

It works on the currently selected track:

- un/mute the selected track

- un/solo the selected track

- un/arm the selected track

- unmute, unsolo, unarm every tracks

- show/hide the envelope/modulation tab in the detail clip view

- un/fold the selected track

- un/zoom the selected track vertically and horizontally in Arrangement

- toggle play/stop the selected clip (in Session)

- automatic track arming option

- focus to the browser/arrangement/device view (useful for navigating with your keyboard's arrow keys).

Oh, and it also fixes the v2 issue where tracks could get un/muted/soloed/armed when relaunching a set.

Be aware that this device is not meant to record e.g mute/solo/arm automations.
Make sure to not trigger any actions from the device when you're recording something in Live if you have the global automation active otherwise the automation would be recorded for Futility and not for the track itself resulting in weird actions or conflict (Live's "back to automation" triggered/automations disabled).

Release notes:
v3.1: zooming wasn't as responsive as expected

Device Details

Tags utility, other
Live Version Used: 8
Max Version Used: 7.3.5
Date Added: Feb 06 2019 09:22:20
Date Last Updated: Feb 10 2019 08:16:46
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


damn crampe you did it again :) always coming up with useful features that are missing in ableton. i will buy!

Great device, thank you for the fix on the relaunch!
I've noticed the horiz zoom is less responsive than in Futility II, is it for the different coding?

I purchased this and I have two issues with it.

One is that the automation for recording gets disarmed during playback, making recording automation useless.

- and I wanted to use this for automating recording for the track I have it placed on instead of switching to arm tracks I select.

Hey Orangeslice

This device is not meant to record e.g Mute automations but to add missing shortcuts to get a better mousiness workflow.
So what's happening here is that you're recording automation for the e.g Mute button of Futility, which creates a conflict when playing back afterward.
The buttons on the device have to be automatable to be key/midi mapped, that's just how M4L works, but that's not the point of this device.
I'm gonna edit the device's description to make this clear and warn about automations.

It's also not meant to be used on a single track, but globally. It just works on the currently selected track.


Hey BG23,
good catch! I'm fixing this, thanks for letting me know!

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