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Tape-ify 1.0 by SineRider
124 downloads, 0 Comments effect
Tape-ify is a simple audio effect that adds variable pitch drift and distortion to your sounds. This effect was created in an attempt to loosely mimic the sounds resampled from cassette tape. Speed a... (more info)

StusVU 1.0 by smclellan
19 downloads, 0 Comments utility, beta
This is a quick and dirty first crack at a simple VU meter. I set parameters to load so the response is somewhat like an analog VU meter, but by no means tested to meet a strict standard. I just 'eyeb... (more info)

Trigger Effects 1.0 by hyakken
0 Comments effect
It contains 4 patches(MFX, RPT, Vowel, Delay). These patches are effects which can be controlled by midi pad. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update: v... (more info)

Versatile Filter 0.3 by synthesizerwriter
168 downloads, 0 Comments effect, utility, other, beta
This is just the filter from my Noise Generator mr, turned into an audio effect. The instructions for the noise generator mostly apply here too, and the blog has more information on usage. What do yo... (more info)

Comber 0.3 by synthesizerwriter
197 downloads, 0 Comments effect, other, beta
New updated version with Randomness control for the modulation waveform, plus a second Sample/Hold LFO to give more variety to the modulation waveform. Also a 'Freq too Low' Red indicator to indicate ... (more info)

Time Layer HD by Custom Art Tools 1.0 by tmartinez88
0 Comments sampler, effect, other
Time Layer is a Spectral Time-Stretching and Looping Max for Live Device built with Live Performance in mind. The player sets a maximum buffer size to record into. When Recording into the buffer the p... (more info)

The Rafflizer 1.0 by ELPHNT
27 downloads, 0 Comments other
Do you run competitions or prize giveaways? A raffle perhaps? Why not use MaxForLive?! :) I run the Cape Town Ableton User Group and I built this device in order to run the raffles I do for prize giv... (more info)

Mute Sequencer 1.0 by tomcosm
419 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Video Explanation - Mute Sequencer mutes and unmutes the first 16 audio tracks in a project, quantized to the master bpm. It was made so you can load up 16 correctly warp... (more info)

Murf for m4l 1.0 by kmtksk
254 downloads, 3 Comments effect, glitch
inspired by moogerfooger (more info)

Clip Recorder 1.0 by natecraypo
2 Comments utility
seamlessly create you own grid of clips in real-time. (more info)

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