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HauntedVerb by Max for Bats 1.0 by maxforcats
0 Comments effect, other
Trick or treat? HauntedVerb by Max for Cats Bats creates ambiences from beyond. Either tweak it to your own claustrophic needs or use one of the presets. Perfect for Halloween, but also always handy w... (more info)

Relative Sounds and Tempo Calculator 1.4 by veedjee
83 downloads, 0 Comments utility, dj
This is a simple utility to calculate the number of sounds per second depending the tempo in BPM or vice-versa Useful for all crazy nerdz scratchers who want to know the speed of their executions tri... (more info)

Quick Chain Select 1.5 by tomcosm
148 downloads, 1 Comments utility
This utility allows you to specify 16 individual points on the chain selector, allowing you to jump to that point with a single push of a MIDI assignable button. There is also a previous/next button ... (more info)

Simple Oscilloscope 1.0 by IgaNinja
162 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Here's a simple oscilloscope with *Time/div setting *Zoom of the vertical scale *Display of the period length and frequency (click and drag with the mouse to select a range of signal) without ... (more info)

Oktopush for the AKAI PUSH 1.0 by S4racen
0 Comments effect, glitch, hardware, dj
We've extended our Isotonik range to the excellent AKAI Push... This template can be configured for use with a single output or up to four channels for use with an audio mixer such as a Pioneer DJM..... (more info)

Grid Multi FX V2 2.01 by hyakken
2 Comments sequencer, effect, glitch
version 2 of Grid Multi FX **for Mac user** If you have some issue with the patch, please try to re-install Java. Update: v2.01 "R" and "C" button didn't work correctly(fixed). (more info)

Slide Machine 0.9 by happymachine
2 Comments effect, other
***THIS DEVICE IS RELEASED AS A BETA VERSION ALTHOUGH I DON'T PLAN TO RELEASE FURTHER ADVANCED VERSION (except to fix eventual major bugs)*** I would really like to invest more in programming M4L devi... (more info)

Track MIDI Remotes 1.0 by srsbzns
44 downloads, 0 Comments utility
MIDI mapping CCs that send 0/127 won't step through a track's monitoring assignments in Live's mixer, but this control will. Similarly configured CCs can use this control to toggle crossfade assignm... (more info)

MIDI Record Quantize Mapper 1.0 by srsbzns
61 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Map a control to this slider to vary record quantize with a remote control. 0 = None, followed by the 8 successively smaller steps. Key-mapping will step through the levels in ascending order. Tip... (more info)

Time Sig Remote Controls 1.0 by srsbzns
58 downloads, 0 Comments utility
MIDI or key mappable remote control over Live's time signatures, for the set or the selected clip. (more info)

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