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Ebosuite LE 1.0 by S4racen
0 Comments video
This is the Trial version of EboSuite! EboSuite is a collection of MaxforLive devices that allow you to play and mix video from Ableton Live Clips. Installation requirements: Mac OS 10.10+, Ableton ... (more info)

Morph 3.0 by encoderaudio
0 Comments effect
Morph is a dual morphing filter with dedicated LFOs for both filters and for morphing as well. The morph is not a simple crossfade between two filtered signals, but it is calculated in realtime. You c... (more info)

EboSuite Video in Live 1.0 by S4racen
1 Comments video, dj
EboSuite, from the team at EboStudio, consists of a growing set of plug-ins for video sampling, editing, mixing and visual effects that transform Ableton Live into an AudioVisual production suite. Ebo... (more info)

P2D - Session View For The Push 2 Screen 1.0 by S4racen
0 Comments hardware, dj
When you want to know what you're triggering without looking at the Laptop screen P2D-Session displays your current Live session state on the Push2 display. P2D-Session is a Max for Live device that ... (more info)

fp.Quantize 1.0 by eltnet
0 Comments utility, push
Quantize CV signal (-1., 1.). [Could be funny with audio signal too.] (more info)

fp.Calibrate 1.1 by eltnet
0 Comments utility, push
Scale -1.,1. or 0.,1. signal (pitch CV, modulation) to the calibrated range of your device. Please see fp.MidiToCV for more infos: (more info)

Initial phaser device 1.0 by JamieWilson
83 downloads, 0 Comments effect, beta
As part of a University assignment, three Max for Live modulation devices have been created - a chorus, phaser and flanger. Each of these devices is in its initial stages of development and so I would... (more info)

Peak Meter Utility 1.0 by Technoir
1 Comments utility
This is a simple peak meter utility to aid in gain staging, maintaining gain, etc. A correlation meter is attached at the bottom to maintain control of phase on tracks and to discern quickly whether ... (more info)

VU Meter 1.0.0 by Funkatronics
182 downloads, 0 Comments utility
An Ableton-esque VU meter that tries to model the behavior of older analog VU meters while adding some more modern features. It is essentially an RMS meter with a long attack/release time that is us... (more info)

Goniometer 1.0.0 by Funkatronics
217 downloads, 2 Comments utility
A simple goniometer and phase correlation meter. I was surprised that I could not find a proper phase scope made with Max For Live, so I made my own. The patch shows a plot of the incoming audio's s... (more info)

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