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TriGator3 1.0 by hyakken
0 Comments sequencer, effect
version 3 of TriGator free update for TriGator user (more info)

ifClippedAdjustVolume 1.0 by jeffvautin
3 Comments utility
Patch that monitors a channel for clipping and adjusts the channel volume to compensate. Add this patch as the last plugin on your channel. If the audio exceeds -0.3 dBFS (adjustable), the channel vo... (more info)

Tempo Multiples 1.0 by floszk
0 Comments lfo, utility, other, dj
TEMPO MULTIPLES UTILITY is a simple tool that calculates time-steps (ms) or frequencies (Hz) in function of the Ableton Live set's bpm : choose n times faster or slower and it returns you the step cor... (more info)

Barberpole Filter 1.0 by pmdelgado
131 downloads, 0 Comments effect
Barberpole filter. Creates an "infinite flanging" illusion via a phasing effect sweeping notch filters across the spectrum with a particular spectral envelope similar to a Shepard Tone. This implement... (more info)

TH Latency Measurement 1.0 by thenthorn
88 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Sometimes you need to measure latency and you also want to use Ableton Live. This “TH Latency Measurement” Max for Live patch allow you to measure the latency between 2 channels. Send audio out on... (more info)

P2D-Sequence 1.0 by leehu
0 Comments utility, push
MIDI Clip display for Push2 (more info)

P2D-Session 1.0 by leehu
0 Comments utility, push
Live session display for Push2 (more info)

Scratchy McScratchFace 1.0 by tomcosm
1 Comments sampler, effect, glitch, dj
Scratchy McScratchFace is a pseudo turntablist right inside of Ableton Live. Video example here: It let’s you quickly pitch shift up an... (more info)

Utility Recorder 1.0 by Upow1234
2 Comments utility
A simple utility recorder for recording from your master track in Live. Drop on an audio track and the device automatically configures input and output routings. Set time you want to record for then p... (more info)

Cygnus Red Multiband Compression Pack 1.0 by RedBeats
0 Comments effect, utility
Cygnus Red MultiBand Compression Pack for Ableton This pack contains 4 Ableton Live multiband/dynamic range Audio Effect Racks consisting of Live's EQ Eight and Compressor. There are High/Low/NYC Not... (more info)

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