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Easy Autotuna 1.0 by keikusama
165 downloads, 0 Comments effect
This is a improvement device of Autotuna (includes in Max 7 Pitch and Time Machines). You can get hard tuned voice (like Auto-Tune). (more info)

Particle Stutter 1.1 by akihiko
0 Comments effect, glitch, other, dj, beta
Audio Reactive Grain Stutter. Demo Movie. Other plugins. (more info)

Sound Particle 1.0 by kevinkripper
317 downloads, 0 Comments video, utility, other, beta
Sound Particle is a kinda 3D Waveform Visualizer. You can see it in action here -- How to: load "Sound Particle" in a group track containing a track with the drumbass pann... (more info)

Multi Clip View 1.0.3 by marktakeshi
0 Comments utility, dj
=== View the state of multiple Clips at the same time === Do you want to simultaneously see what’s going on in multiple clips without having to constantly switching between the different playing cl... (more info)

Invisible Band Splitter 1.0 by EvanBerard
172 downloads, 0 Comments effect, utility
This device is intended to be used to split frequencies of an incoming signal into three bands without adding any coloration. When the three bands are separated and added together again, they reconstr... (more info)

LP Looper 1.0 by dataf1ow
60 downloads, 0 Comments utility
A device that allows the USER 2 mode of a Launchpad to reflect Looper device states, and control looping with one button. Made at the behest of a Reddit user. Load the device onto any track. Selec... (more info)

WHOLE NUMBER TEMPO 1.0 by dataf1ow
59 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Just a silly device that allows you to MIDI map to Live's Tempo, but only move in whole numbers. (more info)

eb.TouchStrip Crossfader 1.0 by dataf1ow
87 downloads, 0 Comments utility, push
Just a simple device that takes the Push/Push2 TouchStrip to the Crossfader in Live. It'll post a few errors on initialization. Nothing to worry about ;) (more info)

Scene Launcher in Note Mode for Push 1 by larose
42 downloads, 0 Comments utility, beta, push
Trigger scenes from the arrows on Push 1 in note mode. I used two devices to create this: (more info)

LFOdraw 1.0 by delicateear
362 downloads, 0 Comments lfo
This is the same familiar, beloved LFO device that comes with M4L, but with two new features: 1) You can draw your own waveform. 2) Turbo mode: you can turn off downsampling. This makes the output ... (more info)

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