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TW DelayCalc 1.0 by tonwelle
42 downloads, 1 Comments utility
This is a simple delay time calculator based on the tempo of the current live set. Since it is a Max for Live audio device it must be put after any midi device. I was looking for a way to take control... (more info)

Particle-Reverb 2.0 by KentaroSuzuki
0 Comments synth, lfo, effect, glitch, other, dj
Most Intuitive Granular-Reverb (more info)

Vortex 1.01 by encoderaudio
0 Comments utility
Vortex is a 2 dimensional touch controller, where you can assign all 4 corners of the "Vortex" to any mappable parameter in Live. You can set the depth, the offset and the smoothing for each corner. A... (more info)

Granular Lab by Amazing Noises 1.0 by IsotonikStudios
1 Comments effect
GRAIN COOLER Grain Cooler generates polyphonic streams of short grains. Each stream contains a frozen or stretched granulation of the input sound. EXAMPLE PARAMETERS Env Smooth: this parameter sets... (more info)

Dirty Tricks by Amazing Noises 1.0 by IsotonikStudios
0 Comments effect
The “Dirty Tricks” suite is a bundle of 12 Max for Live devices: use them to distort, modulate, decimate, degrade and eventually destroy the sound at your will! There are more than 200 presets (b... (more info)

NEDIT by Ned RUSH 1.0 by IsotonikStudios
0 Comments effect, glitch
Nedit is sample processor for Ableton, running in Max For Live, by Ned Rush. Once you’ve dropped in a sample, it slices, glitches, juggles and squirts out sound ready for resampling or performing. Y... (more info)

TW Degrader 1.0 by tonwelle
54 downloads, 0 Comments effect
Audio Effect (stereo) to change the bit resolution (i.e. Bitrate) and sample rate by using the degrader~ object. There is a limiter (omx.peaklim~) to prevent the signal from clipping which can be turn... (more info)

TW Haas Effect Delay 1.0.1 by tonwelle
70 downloads, 1 Comments effect, utility
This is a simple Haas effect by using delay (between 0 and 20 ms) either on the right or the left channel of the incoming audio signal. The default value of the delay is 10 ms delay time on the right ... (more info)

1GPS 1.0 by 2WeaK
31 downloads, 0 Comments utility, beta
mappig stuff (more info)

GMaudio FMFX 1.1 by groovmekanik
0 Comments synth, lfo, effect, utility, other
Ever wanted to add frequency modulation to any signal? Now you can! New in Version 1.1 - Processing takes place at 2x Oversampling - Parameter output smoothed for pristine modulation - Oscillators no... (more info)

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