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CSWS 003 AVOX Max For Live 1.1.0 by Ruslan
0 Comments effect, other
Future parties in ideal mix with Avox – universal tool for DJ’s. Side-chain monitoring is a crucial task for DJ’s and a key strategy for proper improvisation of track selection. (more info)

GlobalLeapMacro 1.0 by wzhao
55 downloads, 0 Comments dj
globalleapmacro, the first 8 knobs are the same as the old one. you can map everything into these macro, and put this macro into master channel. the last 8 knobs are upgraded to can controlled by lea... (more info)

MIKADO LooperMonitor And Start Stop 2016 V4.2 BIS 2.0 by spiralune
77 downloads, 1 Comments drum, sampler, sequencer, utility, other, dj
i , Update For You : Marfield i made a idem seconde Patch for you ... and add possibility to save screen position ... ((need unfreeze ;Clic save position and freeze save device)) Comme ... (more info)

chainActivatorAudio 1.0 by morganjenks
67 downloads, 1 Comments utility
Quick Guide: ---place immediately to the left of target rack ---create chains with selector index the same as chain index ---click the refresh button on chainActivator to scan the rack's devices (e... (more info)

Groove Maker 1.0 by freddyfrogs
246 downloads, 2 Comments effect, m4lhackevent
This is my first creative device using M4L and it enable you to automate the groove amount in session view. This comes from years of manually raising the value of the groove on stage for live performa... (more info)

ehDirtDelay SE 1.03 by ErnstHot
285 downloads, 3 Comments effect
*** ehDirtDelay Second Edition is a special edition of ehDirtDelay where delay times a specified in milliseconds instead of notelength. Try delay times of around 1 to 30 ms for flanger-like effects. ... (more info)

APC40 MSR Momentary Buttons 1.0 by NoIsYs
61 downloads, 1 Comments utility, hardware, m4lhackevent
This device turns the Activator, Solo and Record Arm Buttons from the APC40 into free assignable momentary Buttons. Put it on any Track in your Liveset and map the requested Parameter. For fast acces... (more info)

ehDirtDelay 1.03 by ErnstHot
504 downloads, 5 Comments effect
ehDirtDelay has a number of unusual if not novel features: Outside the feedback loop: - A pre-delay for expanded rhytmic potential. - Two syncable LFOs with per stereo channel phase settings. In t... (more info)

Transient Machines 1.0.0 by SurrealMachines
2 Comments effect
TRANSIENT MACHINES is a new dynamic processor Pack for Live that gives users the ability to deeply reshape the transient signals in their productions using simple controls and an intuitive interface. ... (more info)

Clip Shifter 1.0 by stuartm
150 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Rather simple device for selecting different parts of a clip to play, by parallel adjusting of start/end markers as well as loop start/end points. The aim was to combine several clips into a single o... (more info)

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