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Oscilloscope V1 1.0 by blindeQ
98 downloads, 0 Comments effect, utility, other, beta
M4L Oscilloscope Analyze and Visualize Audio Signals. Use the devices after Instruments/Audiosignals etc. or put it in the Master Channel. You need an Audiosignal source like a Synthesizer, Sampler,e... (more info)

RevStretchR 1.1 by ithkaa
149 downloads, 14 Comments effect, utility, beta
!Requires Max 7! RevStretchR creates lush textural layers by playing back recorded audio in a reversed manner and stretching and/or transposing the recorded material. It works best when used in combi... (more info)

KKLaB--devChainMap.v52-rc1 0.52 by 2WeaK
65 downloads, 0 Comments utility, dj, beta
basic button mapper -should work with max6 aswell (maybe even 5) * -no special location needed. -small on screen clutter but gives minimal visual feedback handy for use as dj tool. , -scalable ou... (more info)

Leslie by Max for Cats 1.0 by happytosh
178 downloads, 2 Comments effect
This is the leslie from Max for Cats' Bertha 2 Thanks Max for Cats :) (more info)

dickbutt 1.0 by tomcosm
111 downloads, 4 Comments other
dickbutt (more info)

Additional Patches for DelayPack 1.0 by hyakken
0 Comments effect
3 additional patches for DelayPack (more info)

BOOM 1.01 by rbrt23
154 downloads, 1 Comments effect, other
..since there are sooo many devices posted recently that deal with nuclear whatsoever,I've got to post one too!! its a not too bad sounding distortion with an EVIL feedback-ciruitry attached.BE CAREF... (more info)

Meltdown 1.0 by akihiko
0 Comments effect, utility, other, dj, beta
Digital waveshaping distortion with bit crusher for ableton live / Max for Live (M4L) audio plugin. Demo Movie. Payed Plugin ($10). Oth... (more info)

Spectral Morph Delay 1.1 by SineRider
327 downloads, 4 Comments effect
A simple spectral delay that allows you to morph between two drawn in patterns. Patterns can also be generated with random or drunk. Update: Fixed Morph knob not saving with presets or copying. Fixed... (more info)

REQUEST Alias Clips for Audio 1.0 by bootykowski
0 Comments sequencer, utility
Who can code a Patch for creating Alias-/Ghost-Clips. It must be possible, I would pay for it and thousand of other user too?? (more info)

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