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MacroBorders Audio 1.0 by Patrick320
105 downloads, 0 Comments utility
This is a device which limits the transfer of a macro-knob to a certain range. Normally you can set a range in live, but the assigned knobs start turning right away. This disturbs when you want to a... (more info)

Pro Toolkit 0.1.1 by tomcosm
0 Comments utility
The Pro Toolkit is a collection of 19 tools that hack the way Ableton Live works. Full video explanation here - Producer Chat - This logs you into an IRC ... (more info)

Skram Delay by Max for Cats 1.0 by maxforcats
1 Comments effect, glitch
Skram Delay lets you dial-in various flavours of delay randomness. From subtle changes such as slap-back or cardboard echoes to complete sonic chaos - Skram Delay's speciality are 'instant glitch' sou... (more info)

Stochastic Delay by Max for Cats 1.0 by maxforcats
0 Comments effect, glitch
The Stochastic Delay offers two independent, stochastically driven delay engines. The process can be adjusted either via mouse movements in the Resolution and Delay units or via the 'dice' buttons for... (more info)

Recording Sampler Input 1.0 by johnisfaster
71 downloads, 0 Comments sampler, utility, beta
This is the Input device for the Recording Sampler. Put it on any track or send and set the number to match the Recording Devices number. Feel free to modify either device. Please share the resul... (more info)

Push Snap n Scale 1.0 by Crampe
78 downloads, 0 Comments utility, push
Push Snap n Scale uses Clyphx to add 2 features to Push: 1- Storing scales in clips. It means you can use a different scale for every clip in the same Live Set. 2- Taking and storing snapshots of on... (more info)

Fader Live 1.1 by Patrick320
70 downloads, 0 Comments utility
----- Live-Skin Color-Version ----- Here I made a little Fader which goes down to -inf. (since Utility just goes down to -35 dB) and up to +18 dB. The version 1.1 has now a "Lock"-Button, which limi... (more info)

Phase correlation meter 1.0 by hz37
120 downloads, 0 Comments utility
I stripped all the nonsense from my earlier correlation meter attempt, so here is a simple audio effect for Ableton Live that displays the phase correlation. (more info)

Fader 1.1 by Patrick320
93 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Here I made a little Fader which goes down to -inf. (since Utility just goes down to -35 dB) and up to +18 dB. The version 1.1 has now a "Lock"-Button, which limits the gain value to a maximum of 0 d... (more info)

Push Speed Dial 1.1 by larose
98 downloads, 2 Comments utility, push
UPDATE 1.1: Fix range issue with parameters with a range greater than 1. 1. This device transforms the Push Master Volume Encoder into a speed dial that controls the selected parameter in Live (witho... (more info)

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