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MIDINuke 1.0 by tomcosm
34 downloads, 0 Comments utility
MIDINuke is a simple one button device that sends a note off value for every single note. Handy for if you have instruments that get "stuck" or when they don't get sent the right MIDI note off value.... (more info)

Mouse Move And Clic Automation V3 Mikado 3.0 by spiralune
22 downloads, 0 Comments utility, other
V3 -2015 New Emulate double Clic And Keybord Short shut combinaison Mouse X Y and SHIFT - CTRL - ALT - KEY Combinaison are Save with Live Set Automation moving and Click Mouse simulation... (more info)

DENPA Tempo Launcher 1.0 by DENPA
0 Comments utility
Changes tempo by MIDI note (more info)

DENPA Tempo Time Freq 1.0 by DENPA
0 Comments utility
Displays time and frequency of a note. Useful when you set LFO or Delay time. (more info)

Midi Notes Redux 1.0 by floszk
0 Comments effect, utility, other, dj
Simplify your Midi Keyboard ! Midi Notes Redux allows you to select different midi notes and reduce them to one single one. Perfect to simplify your mapping for easy creation and live performance. Up ... (more info)

Bass Station 2 Remote 1.0 by Protonica
113 downloads, 2 Comments utility, hardware, push
KEY FEATURES -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Total recall: When you open a Live Project, all the saved values a... (more info)

Polyrandom 1.1 by encoderaudio
0 Comments drum, other, hardware
Polyrandom is a polyrhythmic random looping sequencer for the M4L platform. This device is highly influenced by the fantastic work of Benny Bascom, the Polyrhythmus http://www.maxforlive.com/library... (more info)

Burden - A Text Based Adventure 0.2 by flec8
166 downloads, 4 Comments other, beta
v0.2 contains Chapter 1. "Burden" is a text based adventure game for Ableton Live. Commands include, but are not limited to: north west east south back quit Esc and Cancel will quickly quit the a... (more info)

Performable 1.0 by lucaderosso
274 downloads, 2 Comments sequencer, other, beta
This instruments generates a random sequence of 8 x 32 events that will start being fired when the global transpose is on. It was designed specifically to work with drum racks to work with glitch soun... (more info)

Simple 7 Note Harmonizer 1.0 by RmaN
119 downloads, 0 Comments effect, beta
Simplest 7 Note Harmonizer in the world With Velocity Control for Every Voice in your Chord (Harmony)! the main advantage of this relative to Ableton Native Chord midi Effect is the velocity control ... (more info)

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