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Arm-Me 1.5 by ssrmpc
6 downloads, 0 Comments utility
The purpose of this device is to keep the track armed. (more info)

SessionSceneLauncher 1.0 by dataf1ow
41 downloads, 0 Comments utility, hardware, push
Use this device to control the Session View of a Control Script from another MIDI controller. Originally designed with foot controllers in mind. Place this on an empty MIDI track, and then select th... (more info)

FS1R ReMOTE 0.1 by slee
0 Comments utility, hardware
Control your FS1R. Allows you to choose a Performance from the INT & Preset Banks (List of performances taken from a factory FS1R). Also allows control through MIDI CC. Very much a work in progre... (more info)

MIDI Filter 1.1 by JoeM
38 downloads, 4 Comments utility
Simple filter of MIDI data by type. Visual indicators of outgoing data. v1.1 Fix broken filters separate poly and after touch add unit test v1 Initial Release (more info)

MIDI Gate 1.02 by ssrmpc
59 downloads, 0 Comments utility
The purpose of this device is to automate midi throughput. This is usefull in the session view on instrument tracks that use "MIDI From" an other track that e.g. send rhythmic patterns. Feature: Th... (more info)

Chord Note Filter 1.1 by ssrmpc
75 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Realtime midi note filter that will produce a mono key progression based on the chord input. Filter rules: high note - pass / block low note - pass / block Features: - low latency - fast and configu... (more info)

M8-Plug 1.0 by ooeevv
0 Comments video, other
Controlling Modul8 from AbletonLive. OSC protocol. (more info)

nanoKonnekt 1.0 by sternmull
54 downloads, 0 Comments utility
For use with Korg nanoKONTROL. This patch helps avoiding sudden cc value jumps after switching scenes on your nanoKONTROL. It basically notices when scenes are changed and stores controller values. ... (more info)

MIDI Monitor 1.0 by Guy
97 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Simple display of MIDI messages received on an Ableton LIVE channel. Also supports selectively filtering out message types. (more info)

Tremor Drumrack for Push 1.0 by mothergarage
1 Comments drum, push
This is a drumrack for Fxpansions Tremor drumsynth. Each Pad represents a slot in Tremor with its own audio output and a Max for Live device mapped to the four macro controls. You will have to load t... (more info)

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