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ModWheel LFO v 0.1 0.1 by moroccodave
53 downloads, 0 Comments lfo, effect, utility, hardware
A simple LFO that modulates the CC1 controller (mod wheel) with a Sine wave. Great for adding an extra, clock-locked LFO to a modular system that has a CC1 source in its MIDI-CV interface, or for modu... (more info)

Semitones for Operator 1.0 by TreeAreChill
0 Comments synth, utility, other
This device makes it easy to change the "fine" knob in Semitone amounts. Works with Ableton's FM synth Operator. Could be useful if trying to do non-fm style harmonies or experimenting with some weird... (more info)

1stStep Monophonic 8-Step Sequencer 0.2 by moroccodave
161 downloads, 3 Comments sequencer, effect
UPDATED TO v0.2!! *************** 1stStep has been updated with some new features! This demo track was made with this device: https://soundcloud.com/dave-field/noodles-for-breakfast Release Notes:... (more info)

JL Microtuner 1.7 by staplesyrup
125 downloads, 18 Comments utility, hardware
This is a micro tuner which uses a library of Scala files to micro tune hardware monosynths or polysynths. Set the number of voices for your synth, the pitch bend range of your synth (for optimal tuni... (more info)

Veasel 1.1 by encoderaudio
1 Comments synth
Our monophonic, semi-modular electronic musical instruments, influenced by a true legend. 1.1 - patch points colour change, extra automation, name changes (more info)

REason DEvice Randomizer 1.0 by alex808
47 downloads, 1 Comments synth, drum, effect, other, hardware
this is a device for randomize Reason devices Thor Subtractor Malstrom Redrum open reason as rewire, and put this device before EX instrument (or send midi from a track to eX instrument) maybe is n... (more info)

AntiTheory 0.1 by yannseznec
0 Comments other, beta
This plugin takes MIDI note input and remaps it to different notes, using a random sorting mechanism. There is only one parameter, a dial which controls how jumbled up the notes are. When this is se... (more info)

Dmx Ableton Colorpicker 0.1 by AbletonKurse
53 downloads, 0 Comments utility, other, hardware
DmxAble colorpicker - one of my first patches so any ideas and developments are more then welcome. It is part of a collection of 5 devices which you can get as a zip file here: https://www.facebook.co... (more info)

Midi Clip Transpose 1.0 by WaterHorse
77 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Simply Transposes the selected midi clip by a number of semitones. (more info)

Prophet 12 CC Update 1.0 by gbenchanoch
39 downloads, 0 Comments hardware
Prophet 12 CC Control device. Many thanks to ****bcorbella**** for the original device! I added some oscillator controls, the feedback section, and the delays. Hope someone enjoys this :) **OOPS ... (more info)

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