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SH 1.0 by snaper
0 Comments utility
Gamma Devices SH www.gamma-devices.blogspot.com (more info)

Vestax PDX Control 1.0 by veedjee
14 downloads, 0 Comments utility, hardware, dj
Vestax PDX Control Control your Vestax PDX pitch directly in Live !!! Built for Hardcore Nerdz Scratch people. - Allow to sync the turntable pitch depending the Live's tempo for use with Skip-Proo... (more info)

Midi Note Control Parameters 1.0 by xmonsta
0 Comments effect, utility, other, hardware
This free device allows you to control parameters based on the midi notes you play: Device Controls: Random - Midi Note triggers random parameter change Pitch - Midi Pitch triggers parameter change ... (more info)

Re-Rec 1.0 by nicetrip
34 downloads, 0 Comments utility
This device is designed to reset recording in arrangement view in one click/push. It's useful when your aim is a perfect performance recording and you don't need a lot of imperfect dubs. You can drop ... (more info)

Note transpose depending CC value 1.0 by veedjee
39 downloads, 0 Comments effect, utility
Note transpose depending CC is an utility who allow to transpose an incoming MIDI note depending a CC value. eg, usefull for V-drum when you hit hi-hat and control the foot pedal at the same time. Q... (more info)

Jogwheel Machine 0.9 by happymachine
0 Comments sampler, glitch, other
***THIS DEVICE IS RELEASED AS A BETA VERSION ALTHOUGH I DON'T PLAN TO RELEASE FURTHER ADVANCED VERSION 「except to fix eventual major bugs」*** I would really like to invest more in programming M4L ... (more info)

Roland Juno Alpha Control 1.35 by veedjee
47 downloads, 15 Comments synth, utility, hardware
Juno Alpha Control is a M4L bidirectionnal interface to control your Roland Juno Alpha directly in Ableton Live. It features feedback on the M4L device when you change the preset on your Juno giving ... (more info)

Pitch Strip to MIDI for Ableton Push 1.0 by larsemil
90 downloads, 0 Comments utility, push
This is a simple but quite handy utility plugin that makes the pitch strip of Ableton Push send MIDI notes. This is of big help if you're using a plugin like Kontakt, with keys for articullation chang... (more info)

ONE 3.0 by Zemelka
137 downloads, 0 Comments utility, hardware, dj, push
First of all thanks to yehezkelraz! Script by yehezkelraz/Live4me, design and script by Zemelka. Control Live parameters with one single knob. Just place it in a audio track (Master) and map the dia... (more info)

CC and toggle to MIDI notes 1.1 by veedjee
86 downloads, 0 Comments effect, utility
CC & Toggle to MIDI notes is a simple utility to send MIDI notes - Mappable toggle to send and release MIDI note - Mappable Dial to use midi CC for triggering MIDI notes Each dial can control up to ... (more info)

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