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Arturia MicroFreak 0.9.2 by dettenbach
0 Comments synth, hardware, beta
MIDI instrument for the Arturia MicroFreak synthesizer. this device is nearly complete now, tested and should be fully usable except of a few things because of bit special ("freaky" ß) implementatio... (more info)

GE Vari-Speed Cassette Mono-Mello Midi-CV 1.0 by stev
33 downloads, 1 Comments utility, other, hardware
Did you know you can control the speed (pitch) of a specific cassette player with control voltage from your analog synth? There's a really cool bend of the GE Variable Speed Cassette Recorder by Chris... (more info)

Volca Beats JTCTRL 0.8.3 by J0J0
32 downloads, 0 Comments drum, utility, hardware
This is an extended edition of my Volca Beats Velocitizer. (http://maxforlive.com/library/device/4624/volca-beats-velocitizer) * Everything that's MIDI-CC-controllable on the Beats can be controlled ... (more info)

FAKTUM countdown timer 1.0 by midierror
0 Comments utility
Setting yourself a challenge when making music is an excellent way to focus your time, maintain perspective and most importantly look after your ears. Faktum enables you to set a time limit on what yo... (more info)

Echodial 1.0 by tune4media
0 Comments effect
Echodial is a midi effect that lets you pick and map any parameter in Live and apply an Echo effect with every key being played. Basically, any knob and fader can be affected by this device. (more info)

DrumGen 1.0 by mganss
350 downloads, 4 Comments drum, sequencer
A Max for Live 808/909-style drum pattern generator and sequencer based on a Lempel-Ziv model. Features: - Generate patterns specific to 11 different instruments - Create MIDI clips - Continue mode, ... (more info)

Dancer 1.0 by tune4media
3 Comments sequencer, utility
Dancer is a very creative tool that lets you map and control any parameter within Ableton Live and send it through a sequencer. Essentially it allows you to create very sophisticated envelopes. The op... (more info)

Novation A-Station Editor 1.0 by midierror
0 Comments hardware
This is a Max4Live editor for the A-Station, which enables you to program every element of the synth and store automated changes. Every parameter is catered for, sending a combination of pre-programme... (more info)

MidiFunnel 1.0 by tune4media
0 Comments effect, utility
A very simple MIDI patch (M4L) that conveniently switches between different playing modes. MidiFunnel can take any polyphonic instrument in Live and turn it monophonic/legato mode. (more info)

Portamentos 1.0 by svankov
1 Comments utility
Portamentos offers two useful tools: 1) "in-key" pitchbend scaling and 2) portamento slide duration from MIDI note velocity. Working with pitch bend can be a pain... When using the pitch wheel, it's ... (more info)

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