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Nord Tools 1.0 by starkaudio
74 downloads, 0 Comments utility, hardware, push
Nord Tools is a set of two Max For Live midi devices that work together to give you control over your Nord Lead synthesizer from Ableton and allow convenient mapping of some parameters as well as keep... (more info)

New Path 1.0 by TheZooo
0 Comments sequencer, other
New path is a two dimensional sequencer that generates midi and controls device parameters. – create unexpected rhythms, harmonies and melodies. – make complex algorithmic music – and use it as... (more info)

KaiGen 1.0 by jkais
4 Comments other
MIDI Generators: KaiGen-M generates pitch, rhythm, duration, harmonies, velocities; KaiGen-R Generates percussion parts; KaiGen-C Generates control change. (more info)

DRK MULTI TIME MONITOR music-clock-SMPTE video 1.0 by DrKesler
89 downloads, 0 Comments video, utility
This is a plugin in max for live format wich shows you the transport time in three different formats: musical time, clock time and SMPTE video time. It borns as a help for an excercise from a MAX stu... (more info)

fgc.CuePointExport 1.0 by furiousgreencloud
42 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Exports Names of CuePoints/Markers/Locators and their Time code in H:M:S.s BUGS: - Does not deal well with Songs that fluctuate in Tempo, this is due to "translate" object being not M4L aware - Cu... (more info)

Mouse-click and move 0.7 by b22
59 downloads, 0 Comments utility, other, hardware
Manupulate buttons (i.e. from vst`s) that can`t be automated by midi or by keyboard: automated (and if you need it: randomed) click(s) on a button and change of it`s value by automated move of the c... (more info)

Tap Delay 1.0 by Tobwg95
160 downloads, 0 Comments effect
A simple delay with added tap functionality, easily mappable to MIDI. Great for working with delays live without being forced to use global tempo. (The device is a continued development from http://w... (more info)

MatrixBrute FilterControl 1.0 by khidr
47 downloads, 0 Comments synth, hardware
I created a M4L device for Ableton that allows you to control the filters of the MatrixBrute from within a clip using clip envelopes. It's based on Robert Henke ControlChange8 Device. I've extended it... (more info)

TriggerTune 1.0 by maxforcats
1 Comments sequencer
TriggerTune is designed to play a melodic sequence with just the press of a (MIDI mappable) button or by an incoming MIDI note. This allows e.g. drummers to map the ‘STEP’ button to a MIDI trigge... (more info)

AutomatedClickPro 1.0 by 11olsen
51 downloads, 0 Comments utility, other
With this device you can remote control a mouse click at a specific position on the screen or at the current cursor position. It may help in some situations with software buttons that can only be cont... (more info)

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