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Vertical Zoom 1.0 by michaelterren
78 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Vertical Zoom lets you use keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse to vertically zoom a track in the Arrange view. Put it on your master channel, set keyboard shortcuts using the "Edit Key Map" functi... (more info)

Auto Sustain 1.0 by JJJJJJC
98 downloads, 0 Comments effect, utility
Hold down the sustain pedal automatically when playing the piano or other plug-ins. The "Auto Sustain" will be active when the note was hold and will be reactive when the number of note have be press... (more info)

BiP free - bounce in place 1.0 by Crampe
0 Comments utility, push
Everyone's waiting for a "bounce in place" feature in Ableton Live since ages. Here's the one-click-only solution device, with easy Push implementation. Place the device on your master track (you ca... (more info)

Kairos sequencer 1.0 by meshgarden
4 Comments sequencer, other, push
Kairos is a 16 notes polyphonic gridless sequencer. It goes from classic 16 steps monophonic sequences to out of the grid polyphonic sequencing. 3 independent randomization modes Octave and chromati... (more info)

XBOX Map 1.0 by CrashOnCross
96 downloads, 2 Comments utility, hardware
Another gamepad controller mapper. I made this because I was excited by the idea of controlling sounds with my gamepad, but none of the available m4l devices worked correctly with my third-party Xbox... (more info)

Scratch Fader 1.0 by elgrayso
114 downloads, 0 Comments utility, hardware, dj
A simple MIDI crossfader you can throw on any track. Similar to typical DJ scratch faders; has curve control and a L/R hamster switch. ----Controls---- L = Signal is on left side R = Signal is on ri... (more info)

MDD SnAkE 3 by maximedangles
363 downloads, 2 Comments sequencer
Hello ! Snake v3 is here :) Still inspired by the makenoise rené, this update is more than a GUI one. I rewrite it from scratch, so there's more stability, and less CPU usage ;) Thanks to all beta ... (more info)

SequencEdd 1.0 by Edd
0 Comments lfo, sequencer, glitch, other
SequencEdd is a 10-grid step-sequencer with independent controls and output for each grid. It is based and inspired by kasperskov's 'genbeat' device. Video tutorial: https://drive.google.com/file/d/... (more info)

Emu Control 4 by bcm70
36 downloads, 3 Comments hardware
Device that allows control of the following per voice parameters on an EIV series sampler running EOS4.0 or above: 1. Preset selection 2. Preset Voice selection 3. Preset Global Volume 4. Voice Am... (more info)

Boutique JU-06 JP-08 JX-03 Hidden Settings 1.0 by bonq
75 downloads, 0 Comments hardware
Easy access to the hidden settings for the JU-06, JP-08 and the JX-03. All these Boutiques has the same abilities, but all features are not accessible on all. E.g. Chorus on the JP-08 or Dual mode on... (more info)

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