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Sep 28

Linearscope LinearScope 2.2 LED Audio Spectrum Analyzer Digital Level Meter Demo version with some limitation. ... (read more)

Sep 24

Voice of the Uchuu kai XYpad synth. https://youtu.be/O4TtXvQHRD0 sin - X:LFOSpeed Y:Pitch Depth Tri,PWM X:Waveshap... (read more)

Sep 20

CbElectraOneLogMsgToCc This Device receives log messages through Sysex from the Electra One Controller and converts the cur... (read more)

Sep 13

Scene Forwarder - Scene Receiver Trigger the same scene on 2 machines via UDP network. How to: 1 - Place the Scene Forwarder on a MI... (read more)

Sep 10

Delete Muted Clips Deletes all muted / deactivated clips in either the Session View or Arrangement View. version 1 Den... (read more)

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