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On maxforlive.com users contribute to an online library of free Max for Live Devices that you can use for no charge by sharing .amxd files or links (known as "references" on maxforlive.com) to download or purchase them elsewhere.

Live 9.2. now includes Max 7. See what's new and Download it from ableton.com.

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May 24

Simple Parameter Sequencer Click MAP, Click a Parameter, move the knobs. This is an update to a device I made a long time ago:... (read more)

May 24

Parameter Step Sequencer This is an update to a device I made a long time ago: http://www.maxforlive.com/library/device/106/s... (read more)

May 24

valence FM percussion module This is a percussion / drum module version of the valence FM synth: http://www.maxforlive.com/libra... (read more)

May 24

Novation Circuit Synth Controls with Presets This device allows you to completely control Novation Circuit's synth engine from within Ableton Liv... (read more)

May 24

Novation Circuit Session Controls with Presets This is a small device that allows you to control Novation Circuit's global / session controls from ... (read more)

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