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TriGator4 1.0 by hyakken
0 Comments sequencer, effect
version 4 of TriGator free update for existing users In this version you can modulate some of parameters with multipoint envelope. (more info)

LogistiGlitch 1.0 by WillSavin
0 Comments synth, effect, other
Pay what you want download at: This device generates audio from a logistic map, and combines it with frequency modulated sample and hold to produce glitchy sounds s... (more info)

MicroTonicMaxed 1.0 by mothergarage
1 Comments utility, push
Yet another m4l device for Sonic Charges MicroTonic. This one tries to replicate the UI of the original device. It provides randomization and it can save a bunch of presets. Included in the dowload ... (more info)

Dual Degrade 1.0 by tpk
0 Comments effect, push
Dual Stereo Bit Depth Dual Stereo Sample Rate Dual Stereo Overdrive This device gives you the power to beef up or destroy your audio by lowering the bit depth, sample rate and adding overdrive indepe... (more info)

Stochastic MIDI 1.1 by WillSavin
222 downloads, 5 Comments sequencer, utility, other
Generate random MIDI note messages with adjustable probability and randomised length and velocity for each note. Includes two probability modes, quick Major and Harmonic Minor scale selection, adjusta... (more info)

Analog Rytm Randomizer Module 1.0 by alex808
65 downloads, 0 Comments drum, utility, glitch, other, hardware, dj
Hallo here you can find only the randomizer module for AR (maybe you use another midi generator than mine and you need only the random module) (more info)

GrainClouder 2.0 by andreicucucucu
138 downloads, 3 Comments synth, sampler, video
GrainClouder is a granular synthesiser meant as a performance tool. The granular process is kept pretty basic offering only access to the main controls of the synthesis process - like grain size, dens... (more info)

Machinedrum Haters 1.0 by ibandevice
95 downloads, 0 Comments hardware, push
PATCH 1. Possibility to load one patch on each Ableton Drum Rack pad. (16 tracks like Machinedrum). 2. Full control over 24 parameters on each track with possibility of making automations on the fl... (more info)

crossover 1.0 by rbrt23
0 Comments utility, dj
a simple crossover-filter.compared to LIVE's 'eq three' , it's relatively's FREE! (more info)

mono maker 1.0 by rbrt23
0 Comments utility, dj
...makes everything below the set frequency DEAD-MONO.useful for mastering,because a stereo low-end will only cause's FREE! (more info)

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