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Spectral Accumulator 0.1 by composingcap
194 downloads, 0 Comments effect
Takes fft snapshots of incoming audio and averages it with all previously accumulated frames. Right now it works in mono (mixdown stereo). -- Stereo will come soon! fft size is hard coded to 4096-... (more info)

Do not Save 1.1 by chapelierfou
72 downloads, 11 Comments utility
Drop this anywhere and save the set. Now it will automatically (and quickly) click for you on "do not save" when you load another set. This is aimed to speed up the loading time of sets on stage. Cur... (more info)

cv4live by skinnerbox 1.0 by skinnerbox
485 downloads, 2 Comments lfo, utility, other, hardware
CV4Live lets you control any Live parameter by translating an incoming audio signal into control information, while Clock4Live allows you to use analog clocks and triggers with Live. Use Live as an ex... (more info)

PUMP - sidechain-less ducking 1.0 by pATCHES
0 Comments lfo, sequencer, effect, utility
ducking with sidechain compression is a great way to clean up your track & make it more danceable. setting it up every time can be a pain for something so simple, though, & then you have to be careful... (more info)

Pause Button 1.0 by jeffcaylor
1 Comments utility
Ableton Live's transport is designed to play from the last start point persistently. Usually it's convenient, but sometimes it would be nice to pause and continue where you left off. This is possible ... (more info)

MultiTapper 1.8 by mothergarage
253 downloads, 7 Comments effect, push
A simple multi tap stereo delay with filter for every stereo tap. Drive and feedback controls. V1.1: Bugfixes. Added dry/wet control V1.3: Bugfixes. UI update. Added a routing switch for the feedbac... (more info)

Low Fidelity - Lo-Fi Looper 1.0 by badkidstothefront
225 downloads, 1 Comments sampler, effect, other
First version of my newest device: Low Fidelity, the Lo-fi Looper. This device is very much indebted to the Ciat Lonbarde Cocoquantus, which I began listening to clips of and got very fascinated by it... (more info)

Sequenced Filter 1.0 by opticon93
368 downloads, 0 Comments sequencer, effect
Hi, this is a Filter. There are 9 different types including LowPass. The Cutoff, Resonance and Wet/Dry knobs each have a dedicated step sequencer. Enjoy (more info)

Sequenced Bit 1.0 by opticon93
230 downloads, 4 Comments sequencer, effect
Hi, this is a bitcrusher thingy. It has 3 knobs: Bit, Ratio and Wet/Dry. Each knob has a dedicated step sequencer. Enjoy (more info)

64 Clip Triggers 1.0 by tomcosm
190 downloads, 0 Comments utility
A condensed, multi selectable clip slot trigger device, with a trigger button. Made with inspiration from a fan who wanted to use a Launchpad to trigger clips but change their routing on the fly. Quit... (more info)

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