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SVF 1.0 by Ericmosh
153 downloads, 0 Comments effect
Simple State Variable Filter. (more info)

sincos demo 0.2 by sternmull
60 downloads, 0 Comments synth, other
A patch to demonstrate the correlation between sine and cosine on an oscilloscope in XY-mode (the graph is drawn with sound). Used in this tutorial about sinewaves and additive synthesis: https://www... (more info)

Floating Webcam 1.0 by Ericmosh
104 downloads, 0 Comments video, other
A simple Webcam for Youtube Tutorials or other videos. Made this because i don't find one here. Its from Joshua Casper's tutorial i found on Youtube. Watch it here: (more info)

Reactive Pressor 1.0 by Yanakyl
138 downloads, 0 Comments effect
Reactive pressor is a compressor(developed in gen) with a special ability, with just a knob you can tweak the global reactivity of the device. This control is really good for fine tuning the settings... (more info)

Crystal Delay 1.0 by Yanakyl
226 downloads, 0 Comments effect
Crystal Delay is a delay effect.(developed in gen) This is a particular take on a delay with modulation, 2 delays in parallel with the timing of the second being a factor of the first one. The first... (more info)

Wasabi Flanger 1.0 by Yanakyl
147 downloads, 0 Comments effect
Wasabi Flanger is a flanger with a boost.(developed in gen) It provides a stereo flanger plus the Wasabi Boost that gives soft clip to the wet signal and up to 32 dB of gain. Great for giving movemen... (more info)

Twistor by K-Devices 1.0 by kdevices
0 Comments sequencer, utility, other, push
PURE MODULATION MAGIC Thanks to powerful pattern creation and twisting features, Twistor creates modulations that are not possible to obtain with other modulators! HOW IT WORKS Twistor is easy to mas... (more info)

aP - bCause 1.0 by ascoltatore
0 Comments synth, drum, sampler, effect, utility, glitch, other, push
I finished and refined my very first project, "bCause - Creative Sample Slicer", this is the first public release. In this new version everything is much more simpler and intuitive but mainly it does... (more info)

NeedleDrop 4.0 by jamie
86 downloads, 0 Comments sampler, effect, utility, dj
needle drop your iTunes material from playlists! Access 12 named playlists from an octave on a keyboard. Audio gets sampled to clips. Clips are named by artist and track name! audio of first 8 samples... (more info)

B4Freezer16 1.1 by MalteSteiner
327 downloads, 0 Comments effect, other
Timedomain based freezer created with 16 independent delays. With the sliders the individual delay times are set, the range can be changed for fine settings. This is a true stereo device, so its actua... (more info)

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