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Name/Version: Panarchy - Define your own pan laws 1.4.1
Author: Crampe  
Description: pAnarchy is a M4L panning device designed to help you achieve (hyper)realistic stereo spatialisation. It also has a great realtime Doppler mode.

It is highly inspired by the excellent Goodhearted Panpot: (check its demo, until I do a proper demo for Panarchy... )
You can achieve exactly the same results, and even go further with Panarchy... and did I already said it has a doppler too?


While traditional mixers only rely on level differences to move a sound to the sides, Panarchy tries to mimic what’s happening in the real world where level differences are just a tiny part of the phenomenon.

Panarchy has 5 "attributes" or "panning methods" that you can mix together to create stunning stereo imaging that translates both to stereo monitors and headphones. These "attributes" are:

- DELAY : A sound doesn’t reach both ears at the exact same time, so very small delay times are used to move the source around the stereo field. You also have control over the delay time with the « x-lay » fader.

- SPECTRAL : when a sound is placed to your right, your head acts like a filter before the sound arrives to your left ear. So the spectral module introduces timbral differences to mimic that. You can exaggerate this by using the « x-tral » fader.

- PHASE: this one is really special. It’s based on phase shifting and you won’t find this in many devices. It’s weird and great. Yeah, I love it!

- SPACE: unlike the 4 other "attributes", this one isn't trying to get realistic. It's a reverb put at the end of the panning chain (i.e the opposite speaker/side) and can produce even more extreme images.

- LEVEL : you know this one, it’s like your traditional mixer/DAW pan pot. When you move a sound to the left, its level is reduced on the right side. The level module does just that, but it uses a custom pan law.

Release notes:

- the Reverb panner was not CPU bypassed when unused (e.g Space = 0%)
- the whole Panner is now CPU bypassed when using the Doppler mode (it was already the case for Doppler when using Panner, though). It proved to save some CPU when the device is folded/reduced, or in a folded/reduced Rack.

To sum up: the device has never been so well optimized CPU-wise. :-)

- "Boost" has been added to the Doppler mode (in the extra panel). It's a simple limiter added at the Doppler's output stage.

- new Space "attribute" or "panning method"
- cpu optimization (50% less!)


Live 9 minimum (should work on L8 too, but I haven't tried)

Max (M4L) 7 minimum (Max 8 recommended)

I'm particularly proud of this device, and I'm sure you'll love it, really. It's great for music mixing, post production, sound design (heyhey sweet doppler!), or simply for the immense pleasure of listening to terrific stereo worlds. Stereo rocks, yeah dudes!

Oh, and the Push implementation is spot on!

Try the Free Lite version here:

Panarchy - define your own pan laws!!

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Tags effect, utility, other
Live Version Used: 9
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Feb 20 2018 21:32:28
Date Last Updated: Mar 15 2023 11:19:23
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial

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