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Name/Version: BlastHard - transparent mixing Hard-Clipper 1.1
Author: Crampe  
Description: Those ultra-fast peaks that even your dog can't hear and that eat decibels of your precious headroom. Do you even know they exist?

BlastHard is here, simple, elegant, effective, an essential mixing tool. Yes you need, clever, hard-clipping!

You're not supposed to hear its effect, you're supposed to gain headroom transparently - it's about 1 to 2-3dB (already a lot!) for every track where the device is used. You'll be surprised by the cumulative effect.

Neat Push mapping indeed ;-)

You need Max 8.1.6 minimum or you'll miss the cute scope.

The device has been tested in L10 and L9, but maybe it even works inside L8.

Release notes:
v1.1: ensures Apple silicon compatibility

Device Details

Tags effect, utility, other, push
Live Version Used: 10.1.25
Max Version Used: 8.1.6
Date Added: Nov 04 2020 15:40:06
Date Last Updated: Feb 07 2022 03:17:07
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike


Ok, how s that big coding companies make worse clippers than you ? You have nailed it in max ! Awesome tool man, I ll test it out in the studio today and will support you if I keep it in my racks !

Compared to one of the most used clipper I got and really expensive, your m4l device keeps more lows and definition, this is definitely a best kept secret plugin I ll use ! Glad I found it ! Direct Support !

Maybe a clean limiter in the future ?

I gotta say this is super handy and quality. well done.

Hey buddies!

So cool and fun to read your nice comments!

This is the most simple piece of DSP ever, there's no secret sauce in this one actually, so it's quite cool that you're prefering it over expensive plugins... and quite alamring too about what's really inside these expensive plugins!
A clipper shouldn't be expensive, the hardest part is the GUI design :-)

If you have a minute, it'd be great if you could rate the device at its Gumroad product page, that'll be much appreciated!

There's zero chance I'll do a "clean limiter", sorry. Live's one is good enough for me, and I even have a couple 3rd party ones if I want to go fancy on a cloudy day, so I really don't need one more... and I only patch M4L devices that I need in the first place. Sorry.

take care

This is a really great Hard clipper. Unfortunately if you use Live 11, it can crash it sometimes. If I ever delete the plugin inside a FX chain or not it crashes Live. Crossing my fingers for an update.

Hey Audiojet,

No problem with L11 here, I never experienced crash due to BlastHard.
You can contact me via email by answering to the gumroad email so we can have a look at what's happening.

I wanted to ask for info if this plug-in can do for me.

1. Does BlastHard compress all audio or does it focus only on all points that exceed the threshold eg 0db? so does it work point by point?

2. I need this thing, I'll show you my scenario.
I use Ableton to create mixtapes, so I use mp3 tracks already with a Master and an optimized Output. The problem is when I use warping algorithms such as complex pro a hypothetical master volume of 0db of the imported mp3 track increases the output volume by 2/3/4 / 6db. Finding the exact value that exceeds the 0db limit takes me time. I could put a limiter on the track but I'm afraid this will compress and destroy my audio too much. If I use BlastHard instead of the limiter for what I understand it is much more transparent and less audible than the original track, is that right? do you recommend it?

Hey Nickygdj

1) it's a clipper, so it simply cuts ("point by points") what exceeds the threshold.

2) You shouldn't use mp3 since you're warping the files. It's fine for playing stuff, but not for tweaking the files...

It's a free device so try it and compare it with your limiter and see what sounds best to you, but you shouldn't necessarily think of a clipper as a limiter alternative, they actually work "best" together. There's a link to some awesome in depth videos about the topic on BlastHards's page, check it out!

Hi! I can't find the 1.1 version for M1 Macs... The Gum link gets to the 1.0 version :( can you email me the updated version?

Thank you! GREAT JOB!!

Hey Ivancanalejo
thanks for pointing this out!
I updated the device but it looks like I forgot to update the gum road link indeed, stupid me...

@crampe great little clipper perfect for single drum sounds! Thanks! One feature request though. Could you a a "ceiling" parameter? So it's easier to hit a certain target level while still clip the signal to taste. Thanks

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