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About synthesizerwriter: I've been in the music business since the 1970s, demoed synths (I co-hosted the UK Launch of the Roland D-50, for example), programmed loads of sounds, done a bit of reviewing and some columns for Sound On Sound magazine in the past, and done some ghost-writing too. I program things in a diverse range of languages (Quartz Composer, Python, Max, HTML...) and write M4L when I get time (I've been very distracted for the last few years for a number of reasons...). Oh, and I wrote the undergraduate textbook: Sound Synthesis & Sampling.

You can see my audio visualisations here:

My blog on musical topics:
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Devices by synthesizerwriter

Wavetable Sound Effects WSEmr0v01 Version 0.01
Wavetable Sound Effects WSEmr0v03 Version 0.03
Waverne mr Version 0.03
Differential Distortion Version 0.03
Delay Delay Version 0.01
Freq Shift Chorus 0v01 Version 0.01
Humaniser mr Version 0.02
Fhorus Version 0.01
PanAuto Version 0.01
DDFS Delay Delay Frequency Shift Version 0.01
AutoFuzz Version 0.01
ProbablyGEN mr Version 0.02
SyncLimiter Version 0.03
Comber Version 0.01
Comber Version 0.01
Hairbrush Version 0.01
Hairbrush Version 0.01
Comber Version 0.02
LFO Limiter Version 0.01
Comber Version 0.02
LFO S Limiter Version 0.01
Wavetable Sound Effects mr Version 0.05
Wavetable Creator 512 samples Version 0.05
Dopplator Version 0.01
Squarer Version 0.01
ShaveWapery Version 0.04
gFreez-mr Version 0.04
Pitch Progression Grid mr Version 0.1
Comber Version 0.3
Noise Generator mr Version 0.4
Versatile Filter Version 0.3
Noise mr Version 0.2
Pitch Progression Follow mr Version 0.2
Rnd Echo Version 0.01
SpecD Version 0.01
PanEcho Version 0.01
Sine3Generator Version 0.02
Sine3GeneratorDark Version 0.02
Waivy Version 0.01
Quick Transpose Version 0.01
Quick Transpose dark Version 0.01
Sweeper Version 0.02
Saw4GeneratorDark Version 0.03
Field Echo Version 0.03
Field Echo dark Version 0.03
Missing Echo Version 0.01
MIDIfx-mr Version 0.05
MIDIKeyMon-mr Version 0.03
MIDIKeyMon-dark-mr Version 0.03
MIDIview Version 0.01
MIDI cc Version 0.03
MIDI cc tool Version 0.02
DLS Helper N Version 0.01
DLS Helper D Version 0.01
MIDI Probably Version 0.01
MIDI ProbablyZ Version 0.09
MIDI HugeNoter mr Version 0.01
MIDI KeyMonFull mr Version 0.03
MIDI KeyMonFull dark mr Version 0.03
MIDI ChromatixT mr Version 0.03
Dual Velocity mapper mr Version 0.02
MIDI ProbablyS Version 0.10
sFreez mr Version 0.04
dFreeze mr Version 0.05
MIDI ProbablyLFO mr Version 0.03