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Name/Version: BankOSCmr 0.03
Author: synthesizerwriter  
Description: BankOSCmr is a Sound Generator, not a synth, and the MIDI input is just about as limited as it is possible to be. It provides 32 sine-wave oscillators simultaneously...

The display shows the 32 oscillators from left to right, and each vertical shows the frequency as an orange square and associated bar underneath, and shows the amplitude (the volume...) as a purple square and associated bar underneath. Low frequencies and amplitudes are at the bottom, and high frequencies and amplitudes are at the top.

You can't edit the 32 oscillators directly from the display - the display is purely for display!

To control the oscillators, the controls on the left affect:
- the Rate at which the update sweeps across the oscillators from left to right
- the High and Low extremes of the frequencies of the oscillators
- the Time for the frequencies and amplitudes to change to the new values as it sweeps across...
- a 'New' button (at the top of the Van De Graaf) to generate a new set of random values for frequency and amplitude (If you send a MIDI note to this device when the Rate is set to the slowest time (...all the way clock-wise: 'Run' changes to 'Stop'), then this triggers the 'New' button.)

For version 0.03f, then the main new additions are the Freq and Volume 'damping' controls, and these affect the way that the density of the oscillator frequencies and volumes are affected by the scanning across the oscillators. Low values of damping create thick clusters of frequencies, whilst high values of damping give more open, thin wisps of frequencies. I also added a timed 'Update' function, which resets the frequencies and volumes of the oscillators to random values, just to add a bit of variety in how the oscillators can be controlled. 'Fill' is a ramp value generator: less than 0.10 = Random, despite what the graphic says!

(The simple state-variable filter that provided low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and notch transfer functions, and had Frequency and Q controls... has gone. Sorry.)

Oh, and finally an Output control with lots of range...

BankOSCmr can produce a range of not-so-ordinary sounds, and this is the second draft of one of my irregular explorations into sound generation. I'm much happier with the range of sounds that this version can produce!

Youtube live demo video (updated) of 0v03 is at:

Youtube demo video of 0v01 is at:

SoundCloud demo of 0v01 is at:

First Blog (more details of UI):

After a report of Live crashing with version 0v01, I did some extended debugging and found a strange jsonwriter message sometimes appearing in the Max Console. I discussed this with Ableton and Cycling'74, and we were unable to consistently reproduce a crash, so I have implemented their suggestions to give the second release (0v02). The functionality was the same (so I didn't updated the screenshot!), but some of the object settings were tidied up and additional protection added.

New functionality has now been added in 0v03...

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Downloads: 1231
Tags synth, utility, other, beta
Live Version Used: 10.0.2
Max Version Used: 8.0.0
Date Added: Jul 05 2018 22:14:50
Date Last Updated: Nov 10 2018 21:44:15
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Device File: BankOSCmr0v03f.amxd


Very Cool! Looking forward to working with it.

This is very cool. Thanks very much! However, for me it crashes live after a few minutes. I am on Live 10. not a criticism just for your info.
Thanks very much

@zenke. Thanks for the bug report. I've not had any crashes in Live 10 so far, and I'm quite a long way towards finalising the next version release candidate, so there's a lot of hours of continuous use after making the video and the audio demos. I will go back to 0v01 and see if I can find anything. You say it crashes Live? - after how long and are there any specific actions that trigger it?

@zenke. I have contacted Ableton and Cycling'74, and we could not reproduce a crash constantly, but we did find another interesting quirk, which version 0v02 should fix. Thanks again for your bug report - keep them coming!

@zenke. Argh! I meant 'consistently'.

OK. Here's version 0.03f (version 0.03 is waiting in the wings in case anyone has problems). New controls, more timbral range, and some tiny new UI features. Enjoy!

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