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Actions always speak louder then words - and intentions mean very little after the action has been taken. This wasn't cool - and if you really didn't have any ill will you wouldn't have A. Posted it twice - B. Kept it up. Foul.

This is childish.
I person works to go about trying to build a biz - and in doing so does a LOT to engender good relationships throughout the community by GIVING AWAY devices.... and tutorials... and presets... for FREEE.... and then he decides he needs to pay some bills - and he is STILL giving a very useful versions of said item away (Thanks @ELPHNT!)- so he basically asks for a donation - as he is still giving it away) and Some then some self proclaimed Robin Hood wanna be comes around and shits on him.
For the record - there was no meeting when the M4L community got together and said "Hey- we should get this SaintOCean person to stick up for us!". Why mess with some dude just trying to get buy???
Wanna be a hero? Go after some big multinational corporation - leave the little guys alone.

Very Cool! Looking forward to working with it.

I'd really like to get a copy of this!

I just started working with this synth and I love it - I managed to reverse engineer the sound of the synth used during the interstitial music for the show In Search Of.....

Question -
Would it be possible to send each of the eight channels to their own audio track??

Where is it??