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AM Module 2.0 by Noisscoko
0 Comments effect
AM Module is a versatile and useful device that can be used to create auto panning, tremolo or amplitude modulation effects. It offers four different modulation waveforms and several ways to determine... (more info)

AM Chain 2.0 by Noisscoko
0 Comments effect
AM Chain is an audio effect that uses four modulation layers, where amplitude modulation frequencies are only defined using musical notes. For instance, if the selected note is A3, its frequency will ... (more info)

Delay Chain 2.0 by Noisscoko
0 Comments effect
Delay Chain is an audio effect that uses four delay layers, where time values are only defined using musical notes. For instance, if the selected note is A3/440 Hz, time will be equal to 2.27 ms, whic... (more info)

Ramp Toggle 1.0 by stev
1 Comments effect, utility, push
This simple FREE device lets you control a mappable ramp with a toggle. I made it for quickly and precisely ramping between values in a live situation. Control the ramp time (ms and sync), and curve.... (more info)

Tape 80 1.0 by johanenglund
0 Comments effect, utility, other
Porta cassette studio emulations with noise, wow, flutter and added AM trem as a bonus – true emulation from truly broken porta on that one ;) Check the video for more! https://www.youtube.com/wat... (more info)

Wobblr v2 2.0 by daisukekawashima
0 Comments effect, other, dj
Wobblr is "Deep Stereo Chorus" Max for Live audio effect!! You can make silky stereo chorus by specially designed oscillator. Please see below demo movie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8J-Q3jePh_... (more info)

Onlooker 1.0 by mattewestdevices
0 Comments synth, sampler, effect, glitch
Onlooker is a granular sampler that allows you to quickly squeeze and mangle your sounds or send them to heaven and beyond. Included with Onlooker is easy to dial-in sample looping and warping, grain... (more info)

Amp LFO 1.0 by meshgarden
3 Comments lfo, effect, other, push
4 independent LFOs that control amplitude modulation. For each LFO you can set: -LFO frequency -LFO shape (7 types: sine - tri - square1 - square2 - spike - double1 - double2) -Synced or free mode T... (more info)

TapeEcho 1.0 by tune4media
0 Comments effect
Enter the world of tape-delays/echos. With TapeEcho, an all in one max4live device, you get to experience the creative environment of those wobbly, slap-backed and distorted tape delays. (more info)

Factormini 1.5 by jjburred
0 Comments synth, effect, glitch, other
Factormini is the introductory version of Factorsynth, a device using machine learning to deconstruct sounds. Decompose your clips into up to 8 components, remix and recombine them in session or arran... (more info)

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