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GMaudio Dvolve Drumatix 1.0 by groovmekanik
4 Comments drum, sampler, effect, utility, glitch, other
GMaudio Dvolve Drumatix is a multi-effect drum bus processor. Instantly turn the weakest of drums into a behemoth of beats! Its distortion, its filters, its bit crushing, its EQ, its expansion, its r... (more info)

Dialog 1.0 by inkoms
66 downloads, 0 Comments effect, utility, other
Dialog is almost like a simplified midi chain compressor. Let's say that you play midi notes on track 1, the destination track will decrease its volume at each of theses notes depending the velocity a... (more info)

T3X2Render 1.0.2 by AMANTE
1 Comments video, effect, utility, other, dj, push
Render is a advanced visualizer audio. To rendering the devices of t3x2r serie. It allow external visible windows and preview, resolution y viewer of fps . For more data, click on INFO button. (more info)

StutDown 1.0 by VKondakoff
1 Comments effect, utility, glitch, other
Use this device to create granular pitch-downs and build-ups. You can set the envelope, envelope duration (from 1 to 10 seconds) and the stutter/granular rate, which is synchronised to Ableton Live te... (more info)

2ruleFilter 1.2 by 2RuleAk100
247 downloads, 0 Comments lfo, effect, glitch, other, beta
“2RuleFilter” is a resonant filter that allows the filter cut-off frequency to be controlled manually, or by LFO, or by an envelope follower. It has a a feature called “scrambler” that plays... (more info)

GMaudio Mono Maker 1.0 by groovmekanik
0 Comments effect, utility, other
GMaudio MonoMaker (or 'GMaMM') is a mixing tool for enhancing playback on PA systems, translation of digital audio onto mediums such as vinyl or even as a sound design tool. You may be thinking... '... (more info)

GMaudio FMFX 1.0 by groovmekanik
0 Comments synth, effect, utility, other
Ever anted to add frequency modulation to any signal? Now you can! GMaudio FMFX uses an oscillator of your choice to frequency modulate any signal passing through it. You can choose the frequency of ... (more info)

GMaudio Dynamic EQ 1.1 by groovmekanik
2 Comments effect, utility
Dynamic EQ's are one of the most useful tools you can have in your audio toolkit. They apply gain reduction to a filter only when required unlike a normal static EQ. This max for live device brings dy... (more info)

GMaudio WaveFolder 1.1 by groovmekanik
0 Comments synth, effect, utility, other
Uber simple MaxForLive Device //WaveFolder//by//GroovMekanik WaveFolder allows you to create new waveforms by folding the positive and negative cycles of a signal independently, the gain parameter a... (more info)

Stut-Dgrd 1.0 by VKondakoff
0 Comments effect, utility, glitch, other
This device combines stutter and degrade effects. Stutter is a kind of a granular repeater, which repeats a last chunk of audio at user specified rate. Degrade reduces the sampling rate and bit-depth ... (more info)

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