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Name | Version: Repetitor 1.9
Author: Razzkazz
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Repetitor is a 4-channel gate generator inspired by the Zularic Repetitor by Noise Engineering. The patterns it uses are taken from the manual of the Zularic Repetitor.

If you wish to support further development you can make a donation by purchasing my music on my Bandcamp. Albums are listed as "name your price".


Version 1.5

Added velocity control for each channel - includes controls for random and reset.

Version 1.6

Now also fully compatible with Live version 9

Version 1.7

Number of step now works for all channels.
Read and write button now work more consistently
Interface adjustments

Updates (requests)
Added 2 additional lanes/channels.
Active number of steps now displayed for each channel
Trigger note selection is automatable and mappable
Preset selection is automatable and mappable

Version 1.8

Added button to turn on/off each sequencer lane. Removed "active steps" number readout.

Version 1.9

Added a randomize button "R" for each sequence.
Added a direction menu for each sequence.


Live Version Used: 11.2.5
Max Version Used: 8.5
Date Added: Apr 20 2018 15:12:27
Date Last Updated: Nov 07 2022 12:02:07
Downloads: 3340
License: AttributionShareAlike
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Device File: Repetitor 1.9.amxd


This is a great project, i am using it like a drum sequencer,
just one guestion.
Is it possible to ad velocity per step?
Yes, almost done :)
Update available (1.5)
i don't really get how it actually works some things are obscure
but it looks interesting
How do I change the Steps for the bottom 3 Channels to 64?

Also, can the Presets be changed by using Automation or Notes and can they be Midi Mappable?

Great device. Can you add more Channels?
This is a fantastic sequencer. Love Zularic.
I just have one is possible to add a count of number of active steps in each sequence, e.g. to the right of the left and right arrow buttons?
I'm asking as I often use the zularic for melody generation, e.g. combining it with a turing machine, and there I set how long my sequence needs to be.
So, if the C1 sequence has, say, 5 active hits in a 16 hit sequence, then I can easily know to set my Turing sequence to 5 or 10, etc.
The counting of steps takes a bit of time, as you have to switch from making music to counting, which throws me off.
This count for each sequences could be done in a very subtle way (small font, grey colur) - just something that would indicate the value.
Many thanks and hope you'll consider the addition.
P.S. Also the save preset button doesn't seem to work. It saves the pattern for that session, but when you remove the device and re-load it, the pattern is no longer there.
Glad you're enjoying it! I had a quick look and I can add an "active steps" readout. Reading the other comments it looks like there's some other requests :)

Regarding saving presets, if I modify the device, delete it then CMD/CTRL+Z the device restores correctly. If you delete the device then reload it from the browser your settings will be lost, this happens with any device. You need to save (write) your settings before deleting the device. You would also do this if you wanted to use settings from one session in another. Am I answering the question correctly or do you mean something else?

I need to move the read/write buttons slightly lower as sometimes when you click on them they don't launch correctly, in that you have to select slightly lower on the button.
Hey buddy. Thanks for commenting back :) Really appreciated.
Thanks for taking up on the offer to add the readout.

So, in terms of saving presets...I wanted to also use Zularic as a bank of patterns of sorts. I have many beat patterns/midi patterns, that are in individual MIDI clips (I use them to generate drums). I was thinking of just inputting these patterns into Zularic and saving them as a device. So that in a different session, project, etc, I can just load up Zularic and my customs patterns would be there.
So Zularic would become a device that can store any patterns for future use.
I'm just not sure if the device or Max allows for saving presets as you would with commercial plugins (say you create a preset ofr Massive, save it, then start a new project, load up Massive, and the preset is still there). The patterns would probably be need to be written to some table/file/storage.etc. Hope this makes sense. more feature...this is a biggie actually...
So, I use Zularic not just for drums but as a rhytmic foundation of creating a melody (by randomizing the note pitch of say C1 sequence you get get some interesting melodies). I usually just need one of the sequences running in that case, e.g. the C1 sequence. So I need to insert a MIDI funnel plugin after Zularic to ignore all the other notes. Wondering if the four Zularic sequences can be turned off/on individually if needed. If that's not hard to code, that'd be a massive help.
Feel bad about making all of these requests mate, but you're doing great work and that often spurs more work. Thanks.
P.S. Don't want to spoil the fun and enjoyment of coding and contributing to open source development with money, but do let know if you'd like me to shoot you some coffee money donation as a token of gratitude.
Oh man. Thank you so much for this. This pretty much addresses all my needs. Storing of patterns is just brilliant. and you've added more sequences and fixed the number of steps (previously only applied to the first pattern). Sweet!
P.S. If you find the time to switch the sequences on/off (e.g. by clicking on the Note scales on the left), that'd be the cheery on top. Amazing work!
Wonderful device. Would love to make a donation. Thank you
Hello! Brand new to max for live but I was trying to reverse engineer a way to add the numeric repetitor patterns or more ideally save as and replace the existing patterns with numeric repetitors patterns but im not quite grasping it. it seems like its probably the pattrstorage object but the documentation says it'd be storing the presets into an xml and then I have no idea where those might be. I don't want to be requesting you to do anything other than maybe point me in the right direction to edit your device to make the numeric repetitor? Also thank you so much for doing this! Im trying to replicate as many things as I can in Live that Ive got in modular. Is it possible to map an lfo to the offset number to kind of recreate patching cv into it? I can automate it but I couldn't seem to get the lfo to map to it. Its labelled as mappable so I dunno.
Updated to v1.8
Thank you for this device and the updates. I'm using it as a simple drumrack sequencer. I know this device is meant as a Zularic Repetitor clone but the device would be perfect if there was a random button for each of the lanes to randomly generate patterns.
Version 1.9

Added a randomize button "R" for each sequence.
Added a direction menu for each sequence.

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