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Hello! Brand new to max for live but I was trying to reverse engineer a way to add the numeric repetitor patterns or more ideally save as and replace the existing patterns with numeric repetitors patterns but im not quite grasping it. it seems like its probably the pattrstorage object but the documentation says it'd be storing the presets into an xml and then I have no idea where those might be. I don't want to be requesting you to do anything other than maybe point me in the right direction to edit your device to make the numeric repetitor? Also thank you so much for doing this! Im trying to replicate as many things as I can in Live that Ive got in modular. Is it possible to map an lfo to the offset number to kind of recreate patching cv into it? I can automate it but I couldn't seem to get the lfo to map to it. Its labelled as mappable so I dunno.