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Nudge Version 1.0
Nudge Version 1.1
Note Retrigger Version 1.0
Spectrum Analyzer Version 1.3

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Worked fine in Live 9, causes Live 10 to crash.

I have done and seen that implemented on other devices. I'll get working on it.

Is there any reason why you made the patch so difficult to decipher when opening it in Max?

Is there any reason why you made the patch so difficult to decipher when opening it in Max?

Cool, having fun with this.

Cool, thanks :)

Great! I was just about to build something like this.

Link is dead, is this still available?

Not hearing the "release sensitivity" have any affect?

Nice work, thanks :)

Sorry, ignore that last comment, that's only for material with transients, ie a drum loop. Last time I was using this was for measuring sine waves, so it behaves differently. Maybe a feature to add ;)

Is it just me or do you now have to set/edit the "value for trigger" in the scope to get the trigger mode to work properly, I adjusted it to .5? It worked before, now it doesn't. I recently upgraded to Max 6.1.8.

OK, thanks Peter :)


Hi Peter, I notice that to remove DC offsets sometimes you use cross~ and other times biquad~. I have been using the dcblocker external from Jasch. Do you find one more efficient? I want to switch and use a native solution.


Cool, I must check it out :)

Thanks for this, very handy :)

Updated link to modified version

I have just uploaded an updated version. The new version makes track selection automatically.

Here is a link to a modified version of the above device, that works better.

I have hacked the patch and am using M4L.api.chooser instead of M4L.api.SelectDevice, seems to be working ok so far.

Having the same problem as pokem. Using Live 8.2.2, OSX 10.5.8. If I test the device in a new blank session it seems to work fine. If I try to use it in an existing session when I select a plugin to modulate no device parameters appear. Also sometimes after I refresh the device list I get duplicates of certain devices. No device parameters appear for any device selected.