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Name | Version: jo.FFTHarmonizer 1.0
Author: jonasobermueller
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: FFT-Harmonizer with Pitch, Panning, Volume and Detune for each Voice as well as active Voice and FFT-Size Change. It allows to process any input in real-time and add up to 4 additional pitched voices and automatically delays the dry signal to be in sync with the pitched one depending on the selected FFT Size. You can use it to add chords to Vocals, new pitched layers to effects or to fatten sounds up with slight detuning and panning of each voice.

Edit: Crash should be fixed now, if you run into any more issues please let me know!


Live Version Used: 9.0.6
Max Version Used: 6.1.4
Date Added: Feb 06 2014 14:52:30
Date Last Updated: Mar 06 2019 12:48:24
Downloads: 5955
License: Attribution
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Device File: jo.Harmonizer.amxd


Thanks! This is a great device very useful indeed!. Also your oscilloscope is fantastic, I use it all the time for Sound Design.
Thank you so much. Finally a decent pitch shifter/harmonizer for Live 9..

Thank you..
Hi there..i want to report random occasional crashes. They don't seem to be present when loading device in standalone, but they are randomly present when loading device which is saved in rack preset..Only happen with this plugin so i am guessing that it's the plugin which is causing it..
Thanks for this device ! It 's simple, work well and don't use a lot of CPU.
However I found a little bug : I can't get a precise value for the "Pitch" macros.
For each value, like +12 for exemple, if I do it with the mouse I can switch to +11,5 and +12,3 even if it still display "+12".
It is great! Thank's a lot!
This remains an incredibly useful and well done device that sounds great...thank you!

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