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Btw is there any delay introduced in a path? Does your plugin report it correctly? Or is it a true zero latency plugin? Asking because I see that you use IR (nice).

This is the first time I am seeing someone demanding Java for a dynamic plugin.

Youtube demo sounds promising but why on earth would you require Java to be downloaded for a dynamic FX?

It says on your Gumrouad page that Java is needed. I'll pass it. Yeah I know it's free but it's a clog and Java is usually only needed with M4L plugins which do need to access some specific API functions.
So is Java really needed or you just copy pasted Java requirements from the M4L recommendations or something?

Wow this seems awesome. And videos are really really informative.

Keep up the good work.

Edit - I am being silly. I just realized MidiCC input on your interface was set to off.

But the weird bug on group-ungroup is happening. It changes kit values. (randomly, like sometimes group and ungroup works fine sometimes it does not).

Sorry there is no message edit or delete so I have to post like this.

Update - found another bug.

Just by adding your device inside Live "Group" device will change kit values. If I ungroup it from the Group device it will change values further.

Bascially Group-Ungroup change kit values and kit numbers. Sometimes randomly sometimes it's working fine.

This is awesome but I don't think it's working correctly. It has few bugs but maybe I am doing it wrong.

Example: when on TR8S I set "Rx Prog Chg" to ON and when from your interface I select specific kit, that kit is loaded correctly (I can confirm by number on the Tr8S screen) however controls for instruments on your GUI they never change according to which kit is selected.

Control on your interface works fine, for example I can tweak every and each instrument from your interface and this is reflected on the TR8S but when I do same on Tr8S (change instrument values) that is never reflected in Live/your plugin.

I ensured that on TR8s " "Tx Prog Chg" is set to ON but nothing happens on your graphical interface as if MIDI values sent from TR8S are never received in Live.

Moreover when I (for example) move BassDrum Level fader on my Tr8s I can clearly see Live is "sensing" some sort of midi messages by the activity monitor in the Live mixer channel. Clearly there is some MIDI data on channel 10 (default TR8S channel). This is telling me that I setup probably everything correctly, however for some reason your plugin doesn't reflect changes. Like if I move Level on TR8S, on your interface it's always at the same position. As if Lice is sensing that the data is coming from TR8S but it's not actually registering it.

Do you have any tip?


I did forget to mention most important thing.

Even if you don't have time for adding more pan laws - I am finding way way easier to mix with your device versus not having your device loaded in a session.

Thank you!!!

First of all - Hope your health is fine!!

Here is a good thread where they are talking about this perhaps it can help. I am providing direct link but whole thread is short and easy to understand even though you probably don't use Reason.

From working at consoles I always find that 4.5dB (constant not linear) was best. For some reason it provides the easiest mixing (to my ear).

Cubase have selection where you can select between more pan laws. Anyway something as 3 or 4.5 switch on your paner could be perfect.,

Keep up the good work and stay healthy.


Yep this is working fine in Live 11. Nice work.

I may doing something wrong but in Live 11 every time I set loop length to 16, save and reopen project, loop length goes to 1. I need to readjust loop length to 16 every time I reopen session. Settings and patterns are recalled correctly, it's just that loop length is set to 1. Any clue?

Btw your CLOCK demo does not save my MIDI port selection.

Every time I load it, I press RESET and list of my MIDI ports appear. I select appropriate MIDI port. Save Live session.

Close Live 11. Open it. Reopen session. My MIDI ports are not listed in the CLOCK anymore. Instead I see ports from your computer (Netzwerk Nord Editor, IAC-Treiber Bus 1,2,3 etc.).

Then I need to reassign ports.

Can full version save my ports selection insdie CLOCK or I need to reassign them each time I reopen session?

Hi. We seriously need some contact from you.

I downloaded CLOCK demo and it's not working like nothing is happening at all. Manual is well written (I like that), but it simply does not work in Live 11, RME (128 buffer) and my TR8S.

Yes I ensured that ports are setup correctly in clock and External Instrument, I switched SYNC to OFF in Ableton. My TR8S simply does not start as if there is no SYNC message at all. Trust me, I have MIDI patchbays, I know my MIDI stuff. Beside that my TR8S works fine when it's synced to the Ableton internal SYNC.

I see one user above me says his TR8S works fine with your product, but he's using full version so I think perhaps something is wrong with the DEMO version or something?

I tried your demo to find out is your product answer to my issues with UAD plugins. So far it seems that your plugin is exactly what I am looking for.

But before I purchase something which may or may not be for me I like to try it out. However this is not working at all.

You have some nice products and nice Max skills. Please consider some sort of contact email address so we potential users can discuss things with you.


Wow this is improvement over the original in every way!!!

Nice work!!!!!!!!!!

Device is really cool. I don't get the people which buy something and then whine about missing features. AFAIK developer never said or advertise Push integration.

It's a strumming created for Live performance not Push.

It really is good.

Yep...Live 10 support sysex now. This should be updated so it doesn't use 3rd party bridge...imho

Very exciting. When you add "Add random notes" And snap to selected scale i'll definitely buy it. 17 eur is cheap.

This is excellent! Ok i have some question. Is it possible (my guess not) to be able to control Drumazon/nepheton internal step sequencing i mean random note generation? Sometimes when i need inspiration i use it. To be able to do this via push (and not diving on my desktop) could be cool thing...

This is great device when your inspiration is fixated. Some amazing notes and lines can be generated. Very good....

Very helpful Thanks!!

Hi! WARNING to users of this device.

This device is amazing however there is a SERIOUS bug if you upgrade to Max 7.1. Up to version 7.0 it worked. Windows user here.

When you upgrade to Max 7.1 - parameters such as center freq, gain, q, delay, feedback will NOT be recalled inside your project and there is a good choice to blow up your speakers unless you have limiter on master Bus.

I tried everything and there is a workaround. But definitely it is a bug. Don't know is it Max bug or this device bug. Rolling back to Max v7.0 i could load correct project parameters.

I tried every trick which did not worked such as saving specific device as a single ableton preset format, group it in to rack and save it as a rack format but no. After you upgrade to v7.1 it won't recall presets. This worked up to max 7.1. Other max plugins works correctly so i am just guessing it's this device bug not Max bug but i can't claim which one is responsible for issue.

Workaround: you have to use plugin own preset management. So if you are on Max v7.0 you can load project correctly but then you have to do this:

Save your prest (shift-click) in plugin own slot number 1 (out of 32). Then save it as a separate ableton preset. You can save project.

Then after you upgrade to Max 7.1 and when you load project - parameters won't be recalled but remember we saved parameters in slot 1. Just left mouse click on slot 1 and parameters are there recalled correctly. Project will play fine but you'll have to do this (recall parameters from slot 1) every time you load project.

Hopefully developer will look into this. It's such an amazing plugin.

Nice device but pitch is drifting. How to lock pitch not to drift in tune so much.

Looking amazing...gonna test it this weekend

After week of testing i can confirm that this is amazing device but it does have nasty bug. Sometimes when i reopen project, controls are reloaded but sound is way too much distorted like there is some input gain issue. Like i am driving plugin way to much into distortion. I hope developer will see this report because it's amazing device for stereo shaping - imho

Well this is amazing freebie. Very Very useful!

Thank you!!!

Hi there..i want to report random occasional crashes. They don't seem to be present when loading device in standalone, but they are randomly present when loading device which is saved in rack preset..Only happen with this plugin so i am guessing that it's the plugin which is causing it..

Thank you so much. Finally a decent pitch shifter/harmonizer for Live 9..

Thank you..

It's great but it's buggy. If i save it inside of clip, next time when i drop a clip in some other project there is no sound coming from it and wave selector is not recalled correctly. Not even partials.

But amazing little device. Really interesting

Price is a bit steep but it has to be most advanced and creative midi clip editor i've seen. Good work.

Half of it i would buy it for sure..

Price is a bit steep but it has to be most advanced and creative midi clip editor i've seen. Good work.

Half of it i would buy it for sure..

Working really fine. Thanks form useful drum shaping device.

Thanks A LOT!! V 1.2 is indeed working as supposed.

Thanks again!!

Indeed it's a powerful little BD tool. Amazing actually. I like it even more then new Kick moduole in Live 9.

Only issue i am having with it is that OSC does not retrigger itself to start from the beginning on each hit (some SYNC or RETRIG. button should be cool) so on Bassdrums with longer decay when you play on 130bpm or something there is a sense like that Bassdrum pitch is changing over time..

Yes this is one of best pitch shifters and it works in Live 8 perfectly but in Live 9 just loading it on empty template is giving me 34% CPU usage when doing nothing..?? And i have 4 core system..Dev can you make it compatible with live 9 please?

Seems fine :)

emajcher thanks for your care. I really appreciate it. And again thanks for your device. Seems extremely useful. I checked link you posted and given that i don't understand all technical things you say i see what you are talking about. Seems like these ID are fixed.

I must admit i am scared a bit to use betas but i'll try and i'll give you report on this here.

Btw i see that from yesterday there is even newer beta of Ableton (8.2.2b4) so i'll install that and latest Max available from link in that thread.

Thanks again.

Have a nice day.

Wow..thanks for your response emajcher. I am looking forward to test new version. I don't know anything about 10%CPU gain. I can load dozen of your LFO plugin and my CPU is still about 1% on load which is great!

However reloading issue is real.

See you

Kind regards

It's great device but as someone mentioned it - It doesn't remember what it was supposed to control after I close the set and then reopen it thus making it totally unusable.

Any chance for fix?

Hi! Distrotion is indeed simple and awesome sounding however it's buggy a bit. Settings are not 100% saved with project. Example:

Default min and max values are 0 and 120. I'll focus on "max" value on this example.

So if i put lower then 120 something like "50" then i can obviously dial "drive" in larger amount (finer) which is great.

But if i save project and reopen it "drive" is saved and value is displayed correctly as "50" but sound is heavily distorted. Very overdriven.

I discovered that previously dialed "max" value of 50 is in fact back at "120" even if value is displaying "50".

So in fact only safe using of this plugin is to not to mess with "min" and "max" default values so drive range is not broken after reopening.

If you have any questions i can post you examples. Should i send you email or something?

Thanks again and don't get me wrong i reaaaallly like this device.