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Name | Version: JG.Delays 2.0.3
Author: pp
Device Type: Audio Effect


Live Version Used: 8.2.2
Max Version Used: 5.1.8
Date Added: Dec 30 2009 12:13:05
Date Last Updated: May 22 2011 05:26:28
Downloads: 15700
License: AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike
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Wow this thing sounds GOOD, thanx man!
That preset glide thing is awesome too, but if I use longer glides it gets very processor hungry; does that happen with you too ?

I am totally incapable of programming, but do you think it would be possible to make the preset-selection midi-automatable ? In combination with the presetmorphing the idea alone makes me drool.

Sorry just dreaming aloud; thanks once again!
Edit: the presets ate midi-selectable, excellent. The morphing will take place instantly though, regardless of the preset-glide setting. (Just reporting back)
great. thx for sharing.
pp here: @AuralBee - glad you like it. to confirm - yes, my computer is so old and slow i cannot actually use the preset gliding 'live' without massive cpu jumps. this is why i intentionally chose to make the midi-automatable preset-selecting NOT go through the glide feature, but happen instantly. this is a limitation of the way the patch is coded - in a cpu intensive way. there are other ways to do all this. make sure you click on the "?" icon and read the help file - you will find web links to the original patch coder there, some links to other spectral delay examples and explanations of how to get around a couple of the limitations and why things are as they are. enjoy.
pp here: i have now added an on/off switch to the preset gliding function. default at start-up is 'off'. this way you can decide whether or not to go for the full cpu spikes. this now works with mouse clicking and/or automation/modulation. also new random function, etc...
@pp: I am deeply honoured! Thanx & happy NY to you man.
Hey pp, me again :-)
You are working hard & fast man.
Latest version gives me no processed sound, parameters are moving, but only dry sound is audible.
Selecting different quality makes no difference (but seems like an excellent idea!)

oh dear, humble apologies - i was trying to add too much too quick, very annoying of me. however @AuralBee (+others?), is it the "1.1" version you have? - that was the stupid version i screwed up and it lasted a few hours. version 1.2 should fix the 'no sound' issue and other things. please confirm / let me know. it is working here, but i will take another look and report back...
pp here:

ok everyone --- download version 1.4... it actually... WORKS, all of the time. sorry about that. seems i was having troubles with the way m4l reads pfft~s inside of poly~s, and some other silly stuff that happens when freezing / etc.

again, sorry. enjoy. and please feel free to feedback on usage / bugs etc...
Thanks pp. 5 stars device!
hello, where should I put this? on wich folder?
hi robduro.

technically it does not matter, but i keep all my devices organised as they are in live / mfl:

1. download from

2. now move the '.amxd' file, called 'JG.SpectralDelay.amxd', TO your M4L AUDIO Effects folder. I.E. - [your Ableton Library]/Presets/Audio Effects/Max AUDIO Effect/...

3. Start Live and drop 'JG.SpectralDelay' into an AUDIO track... etc...

more info / opinion, thanks to Lemubara:

more info / opinion, thanks to Lemubara:

Great Device. Thanks for sharing. However, Everytime I close a live set or preset and re-open it this device randomizes all my parameters. Any suggestions on how to stop this???
@Netrik and others, apologies for relative silence:

version 2 is here, uploaded May 2011. Your bugs/issues are fixed and many new features are added.

Enjoy / let me know how it goes...

- pp .

Hey It's nice!!! But would be even nicer if you could type in the Frequencies (CP's) exactly, without needing to turn the nob and get a numb hand getting that frequency right. Most of the time you don't get it, its mostly always 10 hz some time only 1 hz above the wanted one. That would be great, really do need that accurateness. Would do it myself but my skills aren't that good yet in max. Have a wonderful dream. Thanks again!

In Lak'ech
Hi! WARNING to users of this device.

This device is amazing however there is a SERIOUS bug if you upgrade to Max 7.1. Up to version 7.0 it worked. Windows user here.

When you upgrade to Max 7.1 - parameters such as center freq, gain, q, delay, feedback will NOT be recalled inside your project and there is a good choice to blow up your speakers unless you have limiter on master Bus.

I tried everything and there is a workaround. But definitely it is a bug. Don't know is it Max bug or this device bug. Rolling back to Max v7.0 i could load correct project parameters.

I tried every trick which did not worked such as saving specific device as a single ableton preset format, group it in to rack and save it as a rack format but no. After you upgrade to v7.1 it won't recall presets. This worked up to max 7.1. Other max plugins works correctly so i am just guessing it's this device bug not Max bug but i can't claim which one is responsible for issue.

Workaround: you have to use plugin own preset management. So if you are on Max v7.0 you can load project correctly but then you have to do this:

Save your prest (shift-click) in plugin own slot number 1 (out of 32). Then save it as a separate ableton preset. You can save project.

Then after you upgrade to Max 7.1 and when you load project - parameters won't be recalled but remember we saved parameters in slot 1. Just left mouse click on slot 1 and parameters are there recalled correctly. Project will play fine but you'll have to do this (recall parameters from slot 1) every time you load project.

Hopefully developer will look into this. It's such an amazing plugin.

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