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Sev by Katsuhiro Chiba 1.0.2 - midi-automatable Version 1.0.2
AB Phasor Version 1.3
AB Looping Delay Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 5,625

Comments by AuralBee


Awesome, thanks!
Would it be possible to give each device multiple destinations to map to ?

And of course @Oktagon: thanks for this amazing work!

And of course @Oktagon: thanks for this amazing work!

And of course @Oktagon: thanks for this amazing work!

And of course @Oktagon: thanks for this amazing work!

Ah, guess what, I found a recent thread on where Oktagon was already involved ;-)

I added the vst path to Max, so solved now ! Thanks for the help guys!!

Thanks guys! Problem is probably that my vsts (incl Microtonic) are not in Windows standard vst directory..would there be a way to adress that ? (Besides moving them there 😁)

@Oktagon: this looks nice, and I would love to try it, but how do I set this up in Ableton?

Awesome & maybe even better!! Works like a charm, thanks!!

Cool, thanks for keeping this alive.
Works nicely on Push 2 (although it seems I can not switch out of Scrubber mode, should be the undo button right?)

What I was wondering: would it be possible to add an option to access four clips in one track ? This would approximate mlr functionality even more.
Naturally, only one clip at a time can be playing in this scenario, the fun part is that you can skip fast between the four clips while always choking the previous one, accessing various playhead positions. Hope I am clear explaining this :-)

Aha, using Launchpad, for me the patch only works when Launchpad is selected as the first control surface in preferences, good to know.

@dataf1ow Mmm, interesting, I was def. in user 2 mode, lights were marching, can change colors as well, but no dice with the button presses.
I'll do some more testing after the weekend & will let you know

Ah fantastic, almost MLR!! Thanks for posting this; on Windows 7 64 / Launchpad it seems erratic though... Lights are walking, button presses seems to do nothing. Maybe I have some other settings to think about ?

Awesomeness!!! Thanks!!

@Peter: I would be honoured,Sir! As your presets are fine, just saving the settings within the live set would be excellent. All in due time... Thanks, Peter

Very cool device; just reporting in v 1.02 parameter names still do not save with my live sets. Thnx.

Very cool & usable. Would it be difficult to add user presets / save settings with Live set ? Anyway, thanks for sharing this!

Awesome! Suggestion: Would be nice if settings could be saved.
Thanks for this cool app!

Cool, thanks !

Looks great, does not work on Win XP. Looks like some stuff is missing in Max window. Maybe not frozen correctly ?

WOW! Excellent stuff, steady as a house, thanks!

Excellent stuff, you solved the CPU thing!

Maybe one small improvement: I noticed when saving and reopening a Live project that the numboxes values (serial morph and dual morph) were not saved. Attaching pattr to these boxes solved this; after that you have a total recall when re-opening your saved projects.

Thanks man, awesome device!

Thanks Aton , I really like this, but Ableton crashes on XP, as soon as I drop audio on it. Any ideas from A Windows user ?

Thanks for the nice update!
Just reporting that I am not able to access actual parameters.
I can choose a device, but the second dropdown for parameter selection does not seem to respond at all, clicking reload button does not help.


Thanks, excellent stuff.

Snapshot Morpher is especially wonderful, the changing dials really vomit in the undo history though. I guess there's no workaround for that?


Cool, thanks! I'm on XP; downloaded yr png, it works simple & clear. Can not seem to get the preset thing working though.
Nice app!

@ amounra

Thanks for your excellent work man!
Works on XP and Ipad as well.
Small bug in Live mode: as soon as I touch fader or dial on Ipad, values immediately jump to zero



Mmm, still no go:

Max window:
js: transpose_to_scale.js: Javascript ReferenceError: jsarguments is not defined, line 2
js: can't find file swingCalc.js
jpatchline_completeconnection: index out of range.
Jitter 1.7.0 installed
js: no function msg_float
js: no function msg_float
: bad number
live.object: 'ClipSlotComponent' object has no attribute 'set_metronome_button'
live.object: 'ClipSlotComponent' object has no attribute 'set_overdub_button'
live.object: call turn_on: no valid object set
live.object: 'ClipSlotComponent' object has no attribute 'set_overdub_button'
live.object: call turn_off: no valid object set
live.object: 'ClipSlotComponent' object has no attribute 'set_overdub_button'
live.object: call turn_on: no valid object set

Wicked, thanks !

I made the fade out dial midi-automatable so I can draw curves in a clip, that's funky. It's easy: select dial, and in Inspector put modulation mode in Additive.


Cool!; the downloaded version misses the 'from midi clips' option though. Maybe wrong version uploaded ?

Hi KM,

When I press the APC40 function-button nothing happens.
I assumed (but I may of course be wrong) that the APC would
show running lights ?

As it is now: the sequencer itself works, but I can not work it from the APC. Maybe I am doing something wrong ?

Also: the Classic swing button makes the sequencer run very fast. The Classic swing works as expected.

Maybe you have some additional instructions ? Thanks !


thanks man, yeah still the same. I re-downloaded,just to make sure. Don'tknow if it helps but in max window, I see these:

newobj: OSC-route: No such object
bpatcher: bpatcher: error loading patcher badge.pat

Looks cool, but can not get it to work. (PC XP)

excellent concept, thanx. Just reporting: stutter & ringmod do not work, also when syncing, number of steps seem uneven.
Best, AB

Rmpfff...M4L & Live 8.1.3; parameter assignments are lost again after saving. Ideas anyone ?


Most excellent, I really like functionality and layout, thanks!
Maybe a swingfunction ? Most seqs seem to be missing that.
Is wonderful as it is though.

@ monohusche

I am a M4L noob, but found this out, it works in Ivehons
3x paramseq.

As your device is way too complicated for me, I have no idea of this is useful info, but I just thought I'd share it anyway

I just discovered how to recall assigned effectparameters, so these get stored in a Live project!:

Create a pattr-object, in inspector tick the 'parameter enable'
box. Now connect the middle output of pattr to the input
of a M4L.api.DeviceParameterRemote.

Hope this helps in some way

@ Ivehon
In my excitement I maybe was not clear enough:
You have to create a separate pattr object for each M4L.api.DeviceParameterRemote :-)

@ Ivehon

I just discovered how to recall assigned effectparameters, so this gets stored in a Live project!:

Create a pattr-object, in inspector tick the 'parameter enable'
box. Now connect the middle output of pattr to the right input
of each M4L.api.DeviceParameterRemote. This works for me now, and highly improves usability.


Man, I love this app!
I'm on XP and understood that for beat detection to work, I had to download the bonk~external, which I did.
For some reason it still does not work for me (Max window states: #N: bad arguments for message "bonk~" and
sprintf: can't convert symbol to type of argument 1)
I am a total Max noob, do you have any ideas ?

@stringtapper; okay it's under:
Experimental/Other Devices, the second one if you sort on 'date added' (without pic)


mmm, I tagged it with synth, but added an other-tag just now

I managed to add some midi automation to your Sev port,
and uploaded it with version number 1.02, hope you don't mind!

Just reporting that I have this working in standalone device mode with monomeemu v0.9.5a1 on my Launchpad, but with full monome functionality which is quite awesome!!!

Yup, works now: excellent, thanks man!

Looks very interesting, but indeed produces no sound.
(Debugging reports something about missing osc)

Hey pp, me again :-)
You are working hard & fast man.
Latest version gives me no processed sound, parameters are moving, but only dry sound is audible.
Selecting different quality makes no difference (but seems like an excellent idea!)

@pp: I am deeply honoured! Thanx & happy NY to you man.

WOW!! This thing is awesome now, automating the hell out of it is fun indeed. Thanx man.

Edit: the presets ate midi-selectable, excellent. The morphing will take place instantly though, regardless of the preset-glide setting. (Just reporting back)

Wow this thing sounds GOOD, thanx man!
That preset glide thing is awesome too, but if I use longer glides it gets very processor hungry; does that happen with you too ?

I am totally incapable of programming, but do you think it would be possible to make the preset-selection midi-automatable ? In combination with the presetmorphing the idea alone makes me drool.

Sorry just dreaming aloud; thanks once again!

I think something's wrong with the download link; when I download I get the Libe LFO app