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Name | Version: AB Phasor 1.3
Author: AuralBee
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Nice stereo phaser, derived from Darwin Grosse's
Max 5 Guitar Processor, ported to Max for Live.

Updated rightaway. i found out how to get rid of the toggle switches :-)

Gainreduction for the output signal would be nice; being a noob I could not get this in now, probably is simple.

Controls should be automatable. Enjoy.

Update: v 1.2
Added separate gain for L & R wet channel.
Instead of using the live.gain I used the regular Max version for esthetic reasons. Downside: It always resets to zero. Feel free to replace.

Update: v 1.3
Wet gain controls position now stored with Live project and fully automatable (Yeehaw!!)


Live Version Used: 8.1
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Feb 01 2010 15:04:45
Date Last Updated: Feb 03 2010 10:42:22
Downloads: 1868
License: None
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Device File: AB Phasor 1.3.amxd


This is good!
Not bad ! There are not many phaser plugins (I mean VST, AU, max and so on)

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