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Freq Phaser 1.0 by FreqFX
1 Comments effect, other, dj, push
Freq Phaser is an insanely lush stereo phase shifting effect with feedback delay and saturation, a multi-mode quadrature LFO, a mappable and automatable manual phase adjustment, and an analogue-style ... (more info)

T3X2R 3DC4M 1.0 by AMANTE
0 Comments video, effect, utility, other, dj, push
ESP Es tercer modulo de la serie T3X2R, una fuente de VIDEO EXTERNA convertida a una camara de anĂ¡lisis de profundidad y mezclada con el espectro de audio entrante. La LUMINANCIA entrante permite la ... (more info)

SEMPLER PRO 1.0 by Noisscoko
0 Comments sampler, sequencer, other, push
Sempler is a polyphonic sample playback instrument, designed to create complex patterns by performing simple actions. The whole device is exclusively driven by its integrated sequencer, which among ot... (more info)

Grid SEQ Params 2.0 by akihiko
0 Comments synth, drum, sampler, video, lfo, sequencer, effect, utility, glitch, other, hardware, dj, m4lhackevent, beta, push
BPM Sync Parameter sequencer for ableton Max for Live. Demo Movie. Other M4L Plugins (more info)

T3X2R Toxic 1.0 by AMANTE
0 Comments video, utility, other, dj, push
It is the second module of the T3X2R series. A generator of graphical functions, which mixed with basic 3D objects generate the physiognomy of DNA from the most toxic digital viruses in history. The ... (more info)

LFMW 3.0 by akihiko
1 Comments synth, drum, sampler, video, lfo, sequencer, effect, utility, glitch, other, hardware, dj, m4lhackevent, beta, push
Low Frequency Multi Waveform generator for ableton M4L Max for Live. With your DC coupled audio interface Math Voltage will output unipolar CV / GATE to analog modular synth. (Ver2.0... CV/GATE added... (more info)

Implicit Arm Utility 1.0 by felice
39 downloads, 1 Comments utility, push
Toggle switch to enable/disable implicit arm on the currently selected track. The device allows the recording of automation only with controllers using the implicit arm track state (e.g. Push). W... (more info)

Many-Sample MIKADO 2019 V-3.1 3 by spiralune
271 downloads, 8 Comments drum, sampler, push
cool thank you "" jiangxitong"" thanks to you everything will stay free ------------------------------------------------- New v 3.1 repair Bug with Push and Add new 3 Bank Knob For use with ... (more info)

Fluctape 1.0 by meshgarden
7 Comments effect, other, push
Inspired by analog pedals, Fluctape creates tape-like random pitch fluctuations and chorus based on irregular intervals. You can also decide the min/max random event time and the pitch fluctuation ra... (more info)

Sequential Delay Deluxe 1.0 by stev
0 Comments sequencer, effect, glitch, other, push
This new device by Heaps of Bleeps is a deluxe version of the Sequential Delay, our first device. This audio effect allows you to sequence the delay of the audio of the left and right inputs with 2 in... (more info)

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