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jo.CuePoints 1.0 by jonasobermueller
67 downloads, 1 Comments utility, other
Missed this feature in Ableton Live for quite some time so I programmed a solution in M4L. Cue-Point window that automatically updates and shows you all the Cues you created in a session in organized... (more info)

Wavetable Creator 512 samples 0.05 by synthesizerwriter
84 downloads, 0 Comments synth, utility, other, beta
Max uses 512 sample 'wavetables' in many of its examples for single cycle waveforms. Making them from scratch can be awkward and time consuming, so here's a utility that does just that. You select a ... (more info)

Break off 1.0 by buzz
94 downloads, 0 Comments effect, glitch, other
Break is a simple device, allows you to draw volume envelopes, to create soft or fast breaks. (more info)

clip sequencer 1.0 by bennniii
142 downloads, 0 Comments sequencer, utility, other, beta, push
use midi-clips to sequence incoming ("played") midi-notes / chords (for example via a keyboard) in real time. practical for live performance and composition. notes are sorted (and resorted) logical... (more info)

Random Sample Picker 2.1 by 11olsen
12 Comments utility, other
Windows-only device. A device that uses Lives database to pick a random selection of files (out of filtered results). The new things compared to previous versions are: - recursive analyzing of folders... (more info)

Lucky Notes Fix 1.2.1 by mubali
71 downloads, 3 Comments utility, other
Another fix on this popular device. This fix changes the way the midi is interpreted, allowing non-note data to pass through. Previous versions blocked all other midi information except note. This ver... (more info)

ss.ChaoticDistortionMultiband 1.0 by Spyros
187 downloads, 1 Comments effect, other, beta
Hi guys, my name is Spyros and I am currently on my final year at university. As part of my dissertation I built a distortion plugin which implements the chaotic system known as the logistics map. T... (more info)

jmr.browser 1.0 by jamari
102 downloads, 8 Comments effect, utility, other
Ever wanted to use Max for Live as a Webbrowser? Cause now you can! Based on Max's "jweb" object integrated into a m4l device with useful controls. It is very straight forward and self-explanatory. ... (more info)

MultiMapTurnado 1.0 by NielsPoensgen
419 downloads, 1 Comments other, dj
Use one Slider to glitch your music up! I'm used the MultiMap patch to mimic one of the main features in Sugarbyte's Turnado VST. You can control 8 different parameters with just one slider. Here's... (more info)

Wavetable Sound Effects 0v04 0.04 by synthesizerwriter
347 downloads, 3 Comments synth, other
Not a standard synthesizer, this SOUND GENERATOR uses wavetables to make sound effects, and does not respond to MIDI note inputs. You may want to add a bit of spatialisation with echo or reverb. To u... (more info)

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