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MC-09 Editor 1.0 by mugenkidou
2 downloads, 0 Comments hardware
Controller for Roland MC-09. You can set LEAD and BASS synthesizer parameters. Push MC-09 logo, you can send all parameters to your MC-09. It works with Ableton Live 10 suite or later. v1.0 Initially... (more info)

APC40MkII Arrangement Position Counter 1.0 by Pip
9 downloads, 0 Comments utility, other, hardware
This device turns your APC40 MKII into a LED type numeric display for the bar count of the arrangement in Ableton. In other words you can keep track of where you are in a song visually by the bar coun... (more info)

CC RANDOM 1.0 by Noisscoko
0 Comments sequencer, effect, utility, other, hardware, dj
A simple but versatile MIDI effect that offers a new and different approach to randomness. It generates patterns from a limited group of values, used to produce real time modulations over external dev... (more info)

CC MANAGER 1.0 by Noisscoko
0 Comments effect, utility, other, hardware, dj
This helpful MIDI effect is capable of sending up to eighteen MIDI Control Change messages, mainly used as modulation source for external devices such as synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, and any... (more info)

50 downloads, 1 Comments sequencer, effect, utility, glitch, other, hardware
8 STEP MODULATION SEQUENCER CONTROLLABLE WITH ROLI BLOCK MK2 A basic step sequencer that can send midi value over time. The first red led line show which slider is sending a value. Each one of the 8... (more info)

XBOX Map 1.0 by CrashOnCross
98 downloads, 2 Comments utility, hardware
Another gamepad controller mapper. I made this because I was excited by the idea of controlling sounds with my gamepad, but none of the available m4l devices worked correctly with my third-party Xbox... (more info)

Scratch Fader 1.0 by elgrayso
116 downloads, 0 Comments utility, hardware, dj
A simple MIDI crossfader you can throw on any track. Similar to typical DJ scratch faders; has curve control and a L/R hamster switch. ----Controls---- L = Signal is on left side R = Signal is on ri... (more info)

Emu Control 4 by bcm70
36 downloads, 3 Comments hardware
Device that allows control of the following per voice parameters on an EIV series sampler running EOS4.0 or above: 1. Preset selection 2. Preset Voice selection 3. Preset Global Volume 4. Voice Am... (more info)

Boutique JU-06 JP-08 JX-03 Hidden Settings 1.0 by bonq
76 downloads, 0 Comments hardware
Easy access to the hidden settings for the JU-06, JP-08 and the JX-03. All these Boutiques has the same abilities, but all features are not accessible on all. E.g. Chorus on the JP-08 or Dual mode on... (more info)

Boutique Delay Settings 1.0 by bonq
57 downloads, 0 Comments hardware
The first Roland Boutiques has a built in delay that can be edited via the sequencer buttons. But it's quite tedious so I made a max device instead. Works with JU-06, JX-03 and JP-08 It's the first ... (more info)

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