Drum Machine Devices

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LOOPO DEMO 1.0 by rbrt23
92 downloads, 0 Comments drum, sampler, sequencer, utility, dj
LOOPO is a midi-looper for LIVE's session view. ...it can record new midi-clips,overdub into existing ones and a hell of a lot more... ...once you hit record,LOOPO will wait for you to play a note a... (more info)

genbeat16 - polyrhythmic and generative beats 1.2 by kasperskov
2 Comments drum, sequencer
UPDATED with polyrhythmic features and minor interface adjustments. genbeat16 v1.2 is a different beat sequencer with polyrhythmic and generative elements. It generates rich, dynamic, and variating d... (more info)

Counter 3.5.7 by herrmutt
1 Comments drum, sequencer, utility
Enlarge your midiflow. Trig, increment and transpose series of midi-notes. This allows to play sequentially a vast range of sounds with only few pads. Its a human triggered sequencer. Its free ! htt... (more info)

Microdrum 1.0 by monolake
2 Comments drum
A rough emulation of an old school 8 bit drum sample cell with some ideas borrowed from Roger Linn. Samples can be truncated at the beginning, facilitated by the zoom (Zoom) function which displays o... (more info)

drum rack attack2 1.0 by 3phase
0 Comments drum, utility, dj
drop into a midi track infront of a drum rack and select the notes and you,re good to go. all items midi map-able and now has velocity selectors for each button (more info)

Midi Clip Looper 1.0 by kenders2000
243 downloads, 0 Comments drum, sequencer, utility
Simple Midi Looper plugin. I wanted something that did a similar thing to the Ableton looper plugin but for midi, and allowed recording with quantise. This plugin is a simple device which when place... (more info)

CHICAGO HOUS MOD 1.0 by AudioOutlaw
0 Comments drum, sequencer
IMPROVISATIONAL MAX 4 LIVE DRUM INSTRUMENT Based on Alex Kidd's "Instant Hous" Max 4 Live device. Music Production Software Hous Mod is a custom modification that adds a few tricks to this wicked de... (more info)

sqncr x 1.0 by smallestofseeds
458 downloads, 0 Comments drum, sequencer
sqncr x is a simple four channel sequencer that feeds into the bottom four slots of Live's drum rack, from C1 to D#1 as indicated on the left of the device. It's main function is to create drum clips ... (more info)

drum rack attack 1.0 by 3phase
0 Comments drum, utility, dj
drop into a midi track before a drum rack, set the notes, map the buttons and you,re good to go (more info)

Golden Gate 2 - Gate Device 2.0 by lqud
576 downloads, 4 Comments drum, effect, utility, glitch, push
Golden Gate is a Gater Device with two Modules. The Trigger Module (MidiDevice) and the Gate Module (AudioDevice). You can set it up to 16 Devices within 16 Groups. If you play a Midinote to the Tri... (more info)

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