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zb.detune.aftertouch 1.1 by dandelionlakewood
178 downloads, 0 Comments utility, other
Detunes the MIDI notes by changing the pitchshift control. Needs an instrument with a -1 +1 pitch range in semitones. This version allows raw MIDI data to pass through. Modified from original by Zla... (more info)

zb.metricStumble 1.0 by ZlatkoBaracskai
612 downloads, 1 Comments glitch, other
This device allows for extending the metric cycle of audio material. It will cut back in time a certain amount of times (cuts) every tabSize amount of grid points. This is done based on the probabilit... (more info)

zb.zXDistortion 2.0 by ZlatkoBaracskai
1047 downloads, 1 Comments effect
zb.zXDistortion is a zero-crossing distortion plugin. It zeros all the samples between the lower threshold and the higher threshold. This type of distortion is special because it does not depend on th... (more info)

zb.detune 1.0 by ZlatkoBaracskai
1138 downloads, 10 Comments utility, other
Detunes the MIDI notes by changing the pitchshift control. Needs an intrument with a -1 +1 pitch range in semitones. (more info)

zb.sWine 1.0 by ZlatkoBaracskai
457 downloads, 1 Comments synth
This is a sinewave synth with a feedback mechanism that allows gradual introduction of harmonics. It has extended control over amplitude and pitch trajectories when starting, ending and overlapping no... (more info)

zb.noiseMod 1.1 by ZlatkoBaracskai
596 downloads, 1 Comments effect, utility, other
zb.noiseMod multiplies the incoming sound with pink noise in two parallel stages - A and B. Each stage has a modulation pre-filter and a post-filter. (more info)

zb.exciter 1.0 by ZlatkoBaracskai
1730 downloads, 2 Comments effect, glitch, other, dj
zb.exciter induces the 2nd and 3rd harmonic of the incoming frequency components using Chebyshev or de Moivre theories to include or exclude difference intermodulation components, respectively Due to ... (more info)

zb.launcher 1.0 by ZlatkoBaracskai
586 downloads, 1 Comments utility, other
This device allows you to trigger scenes or locators using MIDI notes. (more info)

zb.granulator 1.1 by ZlatkoBaracskai
1287 downloads, 0 Comments effect, other
This granulation device will allow to record or overdub an audio buffer that you can granulate. The available parameters are start position, grain duration, gep between grains and the playback rate. E... (more info)

zb.noteConsonance 1.0 by ZlatkoBaracskai
865 downloads, 1 Comments lfo, utility, other
This device looks at the distance of pitches on the circle of fifths. It thereby reports consonance in relation to a specified tonic pitch or the previous note. The resulting signal can be scaled, off... (more info)

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