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zb.consonantPass 1.0 by ZlatkoBaracskai
354 downloads, 0 Comments utility, other
This device is made to block the dissonant notes in relation to the specified tonic. The dissonance is based on the distance between the pitch classes on the circle of fifths. The probability of passi... (more info)

zb.randomMiss 1.0 by ZlatkoBaracskai
341 downloads, 0 Comments other
This device allows to control the chance of blocking a note-on and a note-off event. (more info)

zb.chanceGrowPass 1.0 by ZlatkoBaracskai
336 downloads, 1 Comments other
This device will randomly pass notes. When a note gets passed the chance of the next note passing is set. For each note that is not passed the chance of passing the next note grows by the given factor... (more info)

zb.logisticLFO 1.0 by ZlatkoBaracskai
413 downloads, 0 Comments lfo
Uses the logistic map to create the transition between fixed, oscillatory and chaotic behavior. Can be used to modulate any ableton device parameter. (more info)

zb.APC40hack 1.2 by ZlatkoBaracskai
599 downloads, 1 Comments utility, glitch, other, hardware, dj
This is an APC40 device that will change the function of track buttons. SELECTION and ACTIVATOR buttons can become sendA and sendB toggles. SOLO and ARM buttons can solo and mute momentarily, only whi... (more info)

zb.xFaderPresets 1.0 by ZlatkoBaracskai
368 downloads, 0 Comments utility, hardware, dj
This device allows you to set up 5 different crossfader presets (unassigned, A or B) for the first 6 tracks of your set. The presets are stored in the set and are retrieved instantly. (more info)

zb.jfc.freezePeaks 1.0 by ZlatkoBaracskai
530 downloads, 0 Comments effect
(more info)

zb.jfc.freeze8 1.0 by ZlatkoBaracskai
559 downloads, 1 Comments effect
(more info)

zb.jfc.freeze 1.1 by ZlatkoBaracskai
507 downloads, 0 Comments effect
This is an FFT based frame freezer with two modes of operation: in manual mode an FFT frame is frozen upon hitting the 'freeze'; in triggered mode, based on time and variation settings, frames are aut... (more info)

zb.logistic 1.0 by ZlatkoBaracskai
420 downloads, 0 Comments effect
Two basic recursive algorithms are zb.moduloRecursion and zb.logistic They both alter the pitch of incoming notes. The zb.logistic device implements the logistic equation that has a single coefficient... (more info)

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