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Name | Version: PeakShelf 1.03
Author: encoderaudio
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: PeakShelf is a filter device, influenced by the EOS Peak Shelf Morph filter type you can find in EIV samplers.
It is my all time favourite filter and although, I still own an E6400 Ultra sampler, it is much more ...
"comfortable" to use this device, instead of the sampler these days ... ;)

It "offers independent control over frequency, shelving and peak for each of the two filters.
When the Shelf parameter is negative, the filter will have a low shelving response.
When the Shelf parameter is positive, the filter will assume a high shelving response.
With Shelf at zero, the filter assumes a peak filter response."
(Source: EOS 4.0 Software Manual)

Besides the "original" controls, you can change the mix (dry/wet) amount,
the output gain and there is also an additional low cut filter, in case of "rumbling subs".

Important! This not an "all purpose filter", this is a really special one!
You have to experiment with it...

Version history:

1.oo - release
1.o1 - Apple silicon check
1.o2 - dynamic UI
1.o3 - Live 12 compatibility check


Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Jul 25 2021 06:48:36
Date Last Updated: Apr 22 2024 15:47:10
Downloads: 0
License: Commercial
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What makes it your favorite?
And seeing as you have been developing filters for quite some time, why was this not one of the first? Why would I pick this over your other selections?
How would you use it? Is it a performance enhancement? A creative, evolving sound? A x-fading, transition tool?

I had the E-MU 4xT

Woh, so many great questions. Mail me mate, I'd love the extend this conversation.
I've used it mostly on classic breakbeats (like amens) when I produced drum and bass.
These days, I drop it onto hihats, claps or full drumloops, just to "spice them up" a bit.
You can put this great filter on any track, really. It just add the thing missing. You can even (obviously) use it to remove unwanted 'meat" of the sound. It remember me the famous Peak Shelf Morpheus, back in the days ;-) Well this device is a real gem (as loads of encoderaudio stuff) to help sculpting your sound and add spice to it, definitely! Couple with few lfo, miam! m2c
I will get it, as I'm an old subscriber to encoder audio. For sure, we'll chat, and gladly join the conversation. I was hoping my questions would get to the real story and add to the description of the device, such that folks could understand in what dimensions this will enhance their music.

Like the morph, akninganng, sounds it really lends itself to modulators. And it sounds like it likes parts, create space in a mix, and it offers another dimension of movement, as any filter might, which is why I'm trying to understand the allure of this filter specifically...

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