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Name | Version: PicSeq 2.08
Author: encoderaudio
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: PicSeq is an image sequencer, where an image is converted into a 160x160 pixel
matrix, then again, into 16, 40x40 pixel smaller matrixes.
Every 40x40 matrix represents 1 step in 16 steps long sequence.
One single pixel (coordinate of that pixel is adjustable) from every 40x40 matrix is
analysed for RED, GREEN and BLUE amounts.
Then the selected colour is converted to MIDI notes.

Version History :

1.o1 - Minor fix
1.o2 - fully new clock generator, more stable and reliable
1.o3 - preset save and load implemented (incl. image paths!)
1.o4 - Ableton banks support added for Push, improved clock, now 100% message/bang based, no more signal conversion, note lengths are now in time intervals
1.o5 - save/load bug-fix
1.o6 - minor UI fix
2.oo - major update, new UI, API mapping added
2.o1 - UI fix
2.o2 - Apple silicon check
2.o3 - dynamic UI
2.o4 - minor UI update
2.o5 - image manipulation effects added (zoom, rotate and displace)
2.o6 - UI bug fixed
2.o7 - live 12 compatibility check
2.o8 - QT import issue fixed


Live Version Used: 10
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Apr 25 2018 17:17:13
Date Last Updated: May 15 2024 07:47:20
Downloads: 1
License: Commercial
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Where is it??
Sorry, link direction was wrong, fixed it!

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