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Name | Version: Morph 4.03
Author: encoderaudio
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Morph is a dual morphing filter with a dedicated LFO for the morphing.
The morph is not a simple crossfade between two filtered signals, but it is calculated in realtime.
You can control the master mix (dry/wet) as well as the lovely mild/creamy tube/tape drive, to add more character, more vintage vibe.

Version history :

3.o1 - full randomisation and full reset to initial implemented; preset save and load implemented
3.o2 - Ableton banks support added for Push
3.o3 - save/load bug-fix
3.o5 - minor fixes + shift+click to the logo function added
4.oo - redesigned UI, mix and distortion control, fixed a few issues (stability)
4.o1 - Apple silicon check
4.o2 - dynamic UI
4.o3 - Live 12 compatibility check


Live Version Used: 10
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Apr 15 2018 15:17:52
Date Last Updated: Apr 11 2024 05:21:04
Downloads: 1
License: Commercial
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Link leads to a commercial product you are selling on Sellify. Leaving aside the issue of ethics, I promise you mate, I never buy software from folks who trick me into a paid link.

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