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sorry to report but on first attempt to load Tixx, it crashed my Ableton 10.

genuinely interested if you can map the the sensitivity parameter in Sample, slice mode, Transient @sensitivity@.

Commercial product, so its not attribution is it?

Question: Is there anyway to (jitter) map the @sensitivity@ parameter in the Ableton sampler slice mode?

Rozzer, just wanted to say your sequencer is the best, and beats the majority of commercial m4l sequencers.

so was about to purchase this from your website, it looks good in the vid and I am a sucker for interesting sequencers. However I don't do business with PayPal anymore. I refuse to use them because of privacy issues.

My advice to you an any business in the world is never put all your eggs in one basket, do not rely on just one payment tech provider. When you guys have your own CC or Debit Card payment system I will be a customer.

Link leads to a commercial product you are selling on Sellify. Leaving aside the issue of ethics, I promise you mate, I never buy software from folks who trick me into a paid link.

This is a commercial product, please be honest with users here, and change to commercial.

Hi Maxluca,

I use Rozzer in Live 10 without any problems, so not sure its. aLive 10 issue.

Attribution? Its a commercial device. I refuse to buy products from companies that send me to a link under false pretences.

So why haven't you labelled this as commercial? Its not free, which Attribution would imply.

You do yourself no favours sending people to a supposedly free device, for them to find you are charging.

very useful thank you, nice easy way to layer say a pad and rhythmic loop, will continue experimenting.

Yes why does it say no license? Price is 15 USD = license.

Thank you M4L, its about time folks started being honest and up front about whether they are charging for their M4L devices.

I am sick and tired of going through to links which are advertised as no license, only to find a commercial product.