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Name | Version: Kipercute 1.1
Author: dric
Device Type: Instrument
Description: Hello,

Kipercute is kick synthesizer.

There are 2 oscillators, one is master and you can define pitch base for him, the second is slave you can detune it in semiton.

There are a third osc for FM, define ratio and index.
An envelope for FM, the envelope for FM is polar modulation of Index in percentage.

(note:If the depth of this enveloppe is set to zero, is like there are no enveloppe and FM amplitude (Index) is constant.)

You can add sample for layering. There are an envelope DAD for sample.

There are an envelope AD for global amplitude and an envelope AD for Pitch.
The curve for each envelope: less than 1=log, 1=linear, greater than 1=exp.

Two Multi Filters one for the synth part, and one for sample part.

And finally saturation on out.

1.1: Fix the issue of sample mono/stereo. you can add stereo and mono sample.


Live Version Used: 9.7
Max Version Used: 7.3.1
Date Added: Oct 23 2016 22:20:27
Date Last Updated: Oct 24 2016 19:29:46
Downloads: 3602
License: Attribution
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Device File: Kipercute.amxd


Only I want to try to make kick device as found this.
Really cool kicker! Thank U for sharing this!
It will be my default kicktrack!
I'm glad you like it, the second osc is one of "secret" for making cool kick, and also restarting phase of osc to zero when it trigger. thxs for your comment! :)
If You think for future update this device, consider little knob about "click" to change that click tone. )
Hello Dric, very good analog machine ! I enjoyed drop a sample and play with it. We can make Bass sound also ! The Kicks are amazing, very Techno ! Thank you. ;-)

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