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Devices by LAEX

Pitch Delay M Version 1.1
Referencer reference patch Version 1.2
TransPan Version 0.5
Forbidden Version 1.0
PitchW ADSR Version 1.1
Ear Trainer LE Version 1.1
Ear Trainer Version 1.0
MIDIPass Version 1.1
Freq Haas Version 1.1
Volume Compensator Version 1.0

Comments by LAEX


Hey Folks! Please confirm if it works on Windows 10. I have some complains, but no chance to test.

@Crampe Thank You!

@SquarewaveMultimedia Happy to hear that!

If You think for future update this device, consider little knob about "click" to change that click tone. )

Only I want to try to make kick device as found this.
Really cool kicker! Thank U for sharing this!
It will be my default kicktrack!

Thank You!
Your idea is quite creative! But not easy to make with Max, only if create multieffect, but it not idea of this plugin. I think You can make a group of three chains:
First - pass through
Second - with Utility set to Right
Third - with Utility set to Left
This will give You more flexibility, by using any chains of effects or VST/AU plugins.

Collected all patches. Download again pls.

Collected all patches. Download again pls.