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Name | Version: StuttBuffSender 1.0
Author: dric
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: This device send notes to up 8 BuffStutt and trigger the stutt buttons

Put it on midi track, choose one of 8 targets, you can control up to 8 Buffstutt device.
And set up the corresponding receiver on Buffstutt .
Notes are C3 to G3.

Buffstutt is here:


Live Version Used: 9.6.2
Max Version Used: 7.2.4
Date Added: Oct 12 2016 05:07:54
Date Last Updated: Oct 25 2016 09:51:49
Downloads: 568
License: None
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Device File: StuttBuffSender.amxd


Good day! Great device. Thank's for sharing! Is it possible to make switches mappable to macro & midi?

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