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Name | Version: Turing Machine 5.06
Author: encoderaudio
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Turing Machine is a random looping sequencer for the M4L platform.
This device is highly influenced by the fantastic work of Tom Whitwell, the DIY Eurorack Turing Machine :

Version History :

3.o1 - Click on the device logo now shows numbers instead of sliders.
3.o2 - Updated to Live 10. (Important! If you're still using Live 9, please, stick with the old version! There are major UI changes in Live 10, these will look ugly under 9)
3.o3 - user request : trigger TM with MIDI notes
3.o4 - user request : full MIDI mapping
3.o5 - device now passes through MIDI messages, thanks to a kind user who pointed out the missing objects!
3.o6 - fully new clock generator, more stable and reliable
3.o7 - MAP function fixed
3.o8 - Ableton banks support added for Push, improved clock, now 100% message/bang based, no more signal conversion, note lengths are now in time intervals
4.oo - new UI, updated core, pulses expander!
4.o1 - Shift + Click on logo to send mail to the developer
5.oo - updated UI, expanded mapping possibilities
5.o1 - UI fix
5.o2 - Apple silicon check
5.o3 - fixing a silly issue with 16 steps locked (thanks Mat!)
5.o4 - simple fix
5.o5 - minor UI update
5.o6 - Live 12 compatibility check


Live Version Used: 10
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Aug 25 2015 04:51:46
Date Last Updated: Apr 25 2024 14:50:48
Downloads: 3
License: Commercial
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just wow, ive been using your devices for a while since the very first incarnation im happy, love your devices i use them in so many differant ways own all of them,! thank you

An amazing device with a beautiful UI! I can't figure out how to use it to sequence melodies by outputting only 1 pulses channel at a time. If anyone has any idea how to help, it would be greatly appreciated!

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