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I modified the feeling of the VCAness knob by changing the Exponent value in live.dial inspector from the original value of 1.0
to a value of 0,2
this give excellent result .

Thank you again for this very good and new audio device ,The fabulous lowpass gate ..
You coul do it even better .
1-The real device has a response who vary whith the length of the trigger signal ( classic response is for a 4mS pulse ) but shorter
pulses are useful for percussion synthesis .
2-The VCAness knob can give good sounding options but the knob response should be antiLogarythmic so more precision when closer to CW full.
3- This is a very good idea to have the LPG Send Ping separately.
It would be extremely interesting to have another LPG Send Ping who could trigger The LPG from an audio track with a dedicated trigger level knob .


Great useful effect but where is that vactrol magic feeling ?
thank you anyway

Thank you for sharing this nice and very useful device .


Excellent and very useful
is it based on a pitch to voltage algorythm ?
Thank you for sharing

works fine now , just had to make Beatstep input remote ON
thank you

oooops , it was working until i downloaded the last max (7.3.3)
now no more lights on the beatstep .....

Second life !
you give a second live to my Beatstep i did not use it any more .
thank you

Very useful tool thank you
wherec an we find this monolisa patch ?

Thank you it is a very simple to set up solution for some surround mix in Live .
But the center position panning should be -3dB (not-6dB)to get constant power panning.
Anyway an LCR mix could be achieved sending also the track output to Live Master after summing it to mono using Live Utility Mono Preset set with +3dB gain .

i am still waiting for a 5 ,6,8 Channel panner based on the same idea .

nice cosmetic but only the patch change works - no sysex is transmitted

simply usefull